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Game Update 7.0 - Legacy of the Sith Known Issues

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 15.02.2022 01:19PM

Here are the current known issues for GAME UPDATE 7.0 - Legacy of the Sith:

  • Use Ctrl+F and keyword to check if the bug you encounter is a known issue.
  • The list is actively updated with new issues reported.


  • Some players who are opening Decurion Gear Containers are not receiving rewards from them.
    • Current workaround to fix this issue is for the players to set a loot Discipline.
  • Keybindings will reset for some players
  • The Activity window tab hotkey shortcut is missing.
  • Opening the Galaxy Map is showing the player’s character or companion for a few frames.
  • There is an empty box next to the Customization Appearance slot for some companions in the Companion window.
  • The Activity Finder window doesn’t display Guaranteed Rewards and Choice Rewards properly. They are displayed properly in the Mission Log and Mission Reward panels, however.
  • Values in tooltips for Abilities do not update to their level-synced values.
  • Companions are shown with weapons in the Companion window even if there is no weapon equipped.
  • Creating a boosted character using a Commander’s Character Token will result in having only a couple abilities in the hotbar.
  • The unsheathe weapon animation in the Combat Style does not reflect the selected Combat Style faction.
  • Companion’s stats don’t change when selecting another role on the Ship.
  • A relic slot disappears when changing Gear Tab with Companion Tab.
  • The outfit is not maintained when navigating through the Character Sheet.
  • Players can encounter visual issues in the Character Sheet resulting in blocks of randomly colored pixels.
  • Droids on Manaan cannot be harvested with the Scavenging Crew skill.
  • Currencies cannot be linked in Chat.
  • The Malgus’ Command Chamber is not centered when viewed in the Preview window.
  • Kai Zykken didn’t update his inventory and during certain weeks, he still offers schematics for deprecated tacticals.
  • The currencies’ Icons disappear and placeholder text is shown if the Inventory window is reopened while the Materials window is active.
  • Sorting the items by "Quality" in descending order or by “Value” does not sort them properly in the Inventory window.
  • Before looting, if a group member is out of range of a Group Loot, the loot will be distributed to another group member in the loot window. Returning to within range will cause the loot to be properly redistributed to the correct member in the loot window.
  • Legs do not drop for the Combat Style selected for Loot Discipline.
  • Offhands and/or Mainhands do not drop when the secondary Combat Style is selected in Loot Discipline.

  • The character camera in the Preview window cannot be dragged.
  • When unlocking outfit slots in the Character Sheet with credits, the additional outfits slots (third, fourth, or further) appear to be hidden until the sheet is closed and reopened.
    • Players need to close and reopen their Character Sheet each time they unlock an outfit slot to make it appear.
  • Iokath polymorphs are clipping with the character in the Character Sheet.

  • Upgrading gear with Augments or Dyes via vendor trade-in destroys those gear mods if they are not removed prior to upgrading.
  • The Alacrity percentage is incorrectly displayed in the Details window.
  • Players who still own Command Crates in their inventory cannot open those anymore due to the removal of Renown Stash. Players can destroy those crates to empty their inventory as they will be removed with a future patch.
  • Some Legendary Items do not mention the discipline required for some (or all) of the abilities they affect.
  • Dispatcher Package Legendary Implant for Sith Marauder/Jedi Sentinel is not affecting Massacre/Blade Rush causing one discipline to not get full effect of the Implant.
  • The proc indicators (glowing borders) of the following Abilities: “Rail Shot”, “Mag Shot”, and “Emergency Scan” are not present after activating Supercharged Gas.

  • The requirement of the CZ-198 Weekly Mission on the Mission Terminal is incorrectly listing Flashpoints. The following Flashpoints are not required to complete this Weekly Mission:
    • Flashpoint: Czerka Corporate Labs
    • Flashpoint: Czerka Core Meltdown
  • The Anti-rad Injector is removed from the Mission inventory when the "Black Hole" Daily Mission is auto-completing. This bug is preventing players from completing the Mission without taking damage unless they use Quick Travel.
  • There is a typo in the Mission tracker steps of the "Deep Trouble" Bonus Mission.
  • Technological Advancements Mission does not specify what PvP Modes grant completion points.
    • Galactic Starfighter PvP Mode is not granting completion points.
  • UI is flashing on the screen during the cinematic where Z0-OM is scanning in the Shroud of Memory Mission.
  • Player is transported on a ship with no exit after defeating Aries in Chapter V: Ascension.
  • The VO of the Female Sith Warrior on Manaan is not matching the subtitles in one scen - Imperial Side.
  • The “Technological Advancements” Mission is not scaled with the character’s level - Imperial characters.

  • The Proximity Blaster Ability in Ruins of Nul Flashpoint is missing its visual effect.
  • One player receives Isotopes Stabilizers twice after defeating the final boss in Depths of Manaan Flashpoint - Master Mode.

  • Isotope Stabilizers unintentionally drop the same quantity for Operations in Story, Veteran, and Master Modes.
  • The same amount of Isotope Stabilizers is dropped for 16p and 8p difficulties.

  • Season Objectives appear as Conquest Objectives in chat.
  • The season timer disappears when the “Galactic Seasons” window is displayed.
  • Receiving Galactic Seasons Tokens makes the Underworld Syndicate Plans disappear.
    • Reopening the window makes the Underworld Syndicate Plans reappear.s

  • Level 39 Abilities for Vigilance Guardians are granted at Level 38.
  • Guard and Shatter Slug Abilities appear twice in the quickbar when the “Heavy Flamethrower” ability is selected.
  • Coordination buff shows up with the Force Might buff icon when characters with Agent or Smuggler Origin Story group with another character.

  • There is no warning message when attempting to sell items saved in a Loadout.
  • The Character Model in the preview does not update/refresh to reflect the correct Outfitter appearance when switching between Loadouts in the Loadout tab of the Character Sheet.
  • The following discipline names are not fully displayed on the left side of the Loadouts window:
    • Innovative Ordnance (Mercenary Combat Style)
    • Advanced Prototype (Powertech Combat Style)
    • Assault Specialist (Commando Combat Style)
    • Shield Specialist (Vanguard Combat Style)
  • The following discipline names are overlapping with the Item Rating displayed for each Loadout in the Loadouts window:
    • Innovative Ordnance (Mercenary Combat Style)
    • Advanced Prototype (Powertech Combat Style)
  • When changing Discipline, a warning dialogue does not specify the name of the Loadout affected.
  • Closing the Loadout Naming window with “X” when creating a new Loadout creates a new Loadout instead of simply closing the window.
  • Activating a Loadout with saved broken gear will fail to equip it on the character and no warning message will be displayed.

  • Players on Steam and Bitraider will not be able to see SWTOR's new trailer "Disorder" in-game. It will be made available in our next build.
    • In the meantime, you can watch it here.

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  • The visual effect of the High Roller Shades (Nar Shaddaa Nightlife reward) disappears after certain cinematics.
  • When interacting with the Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock Stronghold Directory, players will receive a "subscribe" message even if they are Subscribers.
  • Players with a full inventory will not be able to claim Cartel Coins Rewards Level.

  • Steadfast Master's Robes bug:
    • The fingers of the Steadfast Master's gloves are rendering black when previewed or during cutscenes. Thread
    • There is a thin line on the right leg of the Steadfast Master's Leggings. Thread
    • The character's hands disappear when wearing the Steadfast Master's Gloves with the Revered Master's Robes. Thread

  • After defeating the first boss, players that are in a party are unable to interact with the terminal making them unable to progress through “The Eternal Championship: Solo+” Flashpoint.

  • The camera shake persists during the last cinematic of Echoes of Oblivion.
  • There are discrepancies in Zenith's outfits in the Relentless Ambitions Mission. Thread

    • It is not possible to complete the Blatant Beks, Horizon’s Razors, and Pit Screamers Perfection Achievement on Tatooine and Onderon. Thread
    • The claim button is missing in the Collections for all unlocked Event Emotes making Legacy characters unable to use the Emotes unless they are bought again.
    • When throwing the Nexy Tongue on the grill in the Cooking Mini-game, players need to throw it below the indicator instead of onto the grill. Thread

  • There are several issues in the Voidstar Warzone:
    • The round timer is ending before it runs out resulting in an early end of the match.
    • Defenders can be pulled back over the bridge after respawning on the other side.
  • Characters that use Phase Walk (Sith Sorcerer/Jedi Sage) are sent back to the cast position if Force Push (Sith Juggernaut/Jedi Guardian) reaches them in-between the cast and the teleport of Phase Walk.

  • Players are able to go through textures by using the “Charging In” Ability on an enemy close to a texture in Shroud of Memory.
  • The Dye module slot tooltip is reversed with the Amplifier slot in the Modification window.
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