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Ruins of Nul STILL bugged

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 22.02.2022 04:23AM
Hi folks,

The bug you're reporting with Darth Malgus in Ruins of Nul Flashpoint is a known issue:[list][*]Players can't defeat Darth Malgus in Ruins of Nul Flashpoint - Story Mode.
  • Our team is currently investigating the issue. Current workaround: Stick to the outer perimeter of the fight (by the stone path but not beyond the pillars) when Malgus uses the Relentless Assault Ability.
As this thread is a duplicate of the main one: [Ruins of Nul: Story Mode] One Shot by Malgus, I am closing this one to avoid multiple threads regarding the same subject.
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