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7.0 launch follow up

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 24.02.2022 06:20PM
Hello everyone,

Weve spent the week gathering your feedback, reading posts, and messages on various platforms. The team has been working on fixing bugs that are being reported as well as making adjustments to improve players experiences.

As Ive alluded to in a previous post from earlier today, we are finalizing details on when the next patch will be. This will include the UI contrast adjustment and other fixes. When we have that info, we will be communicating that to the wider playerbase including details of everything that will be deployed within that patch. More communication will be coming.

Lastly, I understand that there are many topics to debate on the forums, but I am asking you all to please be civil with each other and toward members of the team. Attacking, harassing, and wishing harm against each other and against staff is not permitted. I and the moderation team try to find balance with allowing players to voice their concerns freely and enforcing the guidelines. We ask you to be respectful. Please contribute to the forums in a meaningful manner that promotes healthy conversation.

Thank you,
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