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#5 Empty server list

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 24.02.2022 11:12AM
Hi all,

I'm waiting on info to finalize details on when the next patch will be as there will be a number of fixes going into including the Ryzen fix. When I have that info, we will be communicating that to the wider playerbase. I understand that this issue is preventing you from playing the game. To reiterate, if you have not yet, please follow these steps outlined here, so that the appropriate team can track, confirm the state of your account, and issue compensation for time lost when the fix is deployed.

Quote: Originally Posted by profesorxavier View Post
I sent Jackieko a private message to find out what is going on but their was no response
Our communications crossed very closely together! I responded a couple minute before you posted this.
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