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#2 R-4 Anomaly Bosses on PTS

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 02.03.2022 12:48PM
Hello everyone,

We will be opening the PTS up so players can test out three bosses they would encounter in the R-4 Anomaly Operation in both 8p Story and Veteran mode. The rest of the Operation, (other bosses, non boss encounters etc.) are not available yet.

To prepare, we recommend players copy their level 80 characters over from Live. Rating 318 gear for testing Story mode is available in each Fleet in the Supplies section. Rating 330 gear and 286 Augments for testing Veteran mode are available outside the entrance to the operation on a pier outside the Slugfall Cantina on Mek'sha.

To access the bosses, form a 8 player Ops group and head to Mek'sha. The entrance is on a pier outside the Slugfall Cantina, once inside, you can proceed directly to the first boss.

Please note that players will be blocked from traveling to Manaan in this phase of PTS, as were currently preparing the Manaan Daily Area for testing but its not quite ready yet.

Important note! This phase of PTS includes many fixes we intend on deploying in the next update. This update will be heavily focused on bug fixes and is intended to go out before the patch that contains the R-4 Operation goes live. Some specific callouts are included below to ensure that a number of visual changes address accessibility concerns.

Players will find that the inventory screen UI has been updated. The contrast has been adjusted, with the opacity being reduced to 20%. We would like player feedback to ensure that the adjustments are no longer causing eye strain/migraines.

Important note about the mod nodes in equipment icons. The reports regarding trypophobia have been noted, and the team will be making adjustments to this part of the UI to no longer cause phobic reactions. An initial adjustment was made and we would like players to let us know if they are still affected by the design of the nodes.

Last specific call out is the fight with Darth Malgus. Since the issue with this fight has been initially reported, the team has been checking every possibility into why players are experiencing this bug. We have been unable to reproduce the issue on dev servers, however, we have deployed possible solutions for this on the PTS and would like players to test out the Malgus fight to see if the issue is resolved or if it keeps occurring. If the latter, please be very specific in your report of the issue and if possible include video of your report.

As stated above, this round of PTS is focused on three bosses for the Operation. Please refer to this post to read my launch follow up. As indicated there, more details will be shared once everything is finalized.

To provide feedback for the bosses, please post in the following threads.

R-4 Boss: IP-CPT
R-4 Boss: Watchdog
R-4 Boss: Lord Kanoth

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