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#5 7.0 Follow Up

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 10.03.2022 01:37PM
Originally Posted by TMasterWind View Post
With 7.0.1's release slated for March 22nd, when do you intend to release the 7.1 update with the Manaan daily area, the operation, and weapons in outfit slots? Are these things delayed yet again, or is the update still on track to being released in the month after the 7.0 expansion, as was suggested in previous dev posts?

Thank you for taking the time.
Hi TMasterWind,

We do not have info to share about 7.1 at the moment as there is a lot of focus on 7.0.1. However, once we do have those details to share, we will be informing everyone on the forums/the website and social channels.
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