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Patch 7.0.1 reduced stats in level synced areas even more instead of raising them

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 23.03.2022 09:40AM
Originally Posted by Med-Inf View Post
Patch notes for 7.0.1: "The target item ratings for level shifted content have been raised, and players will generally be more powerful when in level shifted areas."

They did the exact opposite! Level sync now reduces the stats even more
I collected the following data before and after the patch:

Level 78 Immortal Sith Juggernaut in Black Hole daily area. Same Equipment, same combat style / discipline. No augments:

Mastery: 1753 -> 1366
Endurance 1903: -> 1448
Health: 21761 -> 17161
Melee Damage (Pri): 744-932 -> 322-338
Damage Reduction: 49.62% -> 21%
Defense Chance: 24.13% -> 20.62%
Similar losses occured on Onderon.
Hi Med-Inf,

We need to investigate this issue. Can you confirm the character and server you experienced this on? You can PM me this info if you want.
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