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Changes to rewards for PvP, GSF, and Operations

Originally Posted by BryantWood ( Original Post ) | 31.03.2022 09:44AM
Hi everyone,

Have a few updates to share with you all.

First, some of you may have noticed that /stuck has been temporarily removed from ranked PvP. This was done to prevent exploitative behavior. We intend on re-enabling /stuck in game update 7.0.2 (will have more details on that when we can share them). Players are utilizing /stuck to receive rewards in unintended ways, so we will be adjusting rewards earned in ranked weeklies to help discourage this behavior but also taking this opportunity to balance rewards in various parts of the game.

With 7.0.2, players can expect the Tech Fragments from [WEEKLY] Go Berserk! to be reduced to 1750 (down from 2000). For those who enjoy playing PvP, rewards for Unranked will be increased (listed later in this post).

While were here, we wanted to shed more light on other adjustments that were made to balance rewards players were earning so they feel better rewarded in playing various parts of the game they enjoy. These reward balances will be coming with 7.0.2, but you can see them now on the PTS server.

Were going to be making CM-1337 easier and simpler for players to obtain. The RPM and OEM modules can be purchased directly from the Spoils of War Vendor for 5k Tech Fragments each, while other sources have been removed:
  • RPM-13 and OEM-37 costs on the Spoils of War Vendors SoW Vendor are now 5k (down from 10k)
  • RPM-13 have been removed from Group Ranked Daily and Weekly Missions
  • OEM-37 have been removed from Operation drops and Missions
  • Weekly Missions A Surprising Offer have been removed from the fleets

Improvements to Unranked Weekly Mission Rewards: [WEEKLY] Conspicuous Valor and [WEEKLY] The Spoils of War:
  • WZ-1 Accelerants are now 110 (up from 55)
  • Tech Fragments are now 1500 (up from 450)
  • Daily Matrices are now 20 ( up from 8)

Improvements to Unranked Daily Mission Rewards: [DAILY] March Them Down and [DAILY] No Quarter
  • Tech Fragments are now 150 (up from 75)

Slight Reductions to Starfighter Rewards:
We are slightly reducing rewards from Galactic Starfighter so that it is more balanced in comparison to other content in the game. We love seeing players participate in and enjoy Galactic Starfighter, but the current reward amounts are beginning to lead to an increase in players not actively participating in matches.
  • Tech Fragments from [WEEKLY] Galactic Starfighter are now 850 (down from 1000)

Increased Tech Fragments in Operations, especially focusing on Story:
Weve read feedback regarding Operations bosses not rewarding enough Tech Fragments and have increased how Tech Fragments are rewarded from them. The further you progress in an Operation the more Tech Fragments will drop from bosses. With a complete Story Mode Operation now granting 2000 Tech Fragments (up from 450). Veteran and Master Modes will also be increased to grant 2500 and 3000 Tech Fragments respectively.
For a 5 boss Operation, rewards will be as follows for Story Mode:
  • Boss 1: 100 Tech Fragments
  • Boss 2: 250 Tech Fragments
  • Boss 3: 400 Tech Fragments
  • Boss 4: 500 Tech Fragments
  • Boss 5: 750 Tech Fragments
Operations with more or fewer bosses have been balanced to reward an equal amount of Tech Fragments based on their average completion time.

Another change players may have noticed on PTS is that currency names have been updated. These were made to better clarify what content the currencies are related to.
  • Medal of Commendation is now Conquest Commendation
  • Aquatic Resource Matrix is now Daily Resource Matrix
  • Hazardous Matter Catalyst is now OP-1 Catalyst
  • Thyrsian Production Accelerant is now WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Decurion Isotope Stabilizer is now FP-1 Stabilizer

We hope this gives you a little more insight into what to expect for 7.0.2. We will have more communication around that update when we have more details to share.
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