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#2 Changes to rewards for PvP, GSF, and Operations

Originally Posted by BryantWood ( Original Post ) | 04.04.2022 02:24PM
Hey Community!

We appreciate the feedback, concerns, and suggestions youve posted in response to this thread. I wanted to jump in to address some feedback as well as provide information on additional changes weve been working on.
The original post will be updated with everything Im listing below.

First lets talk about some points of feedback well be addressing. We hear your concerns about last boss lockout farming in Operations as well as the high requirements of OEM-37 and RPM-13 to create CM-1337, so here are the adjustments well be making.

Reduction to CM-1337 component costs and requirements:
  • The required OEM-37 and RPM-13 to create a CM-1337 has been reduced to 5 OEM-37 and 5 RPM-13 (down from 7 OEM-37 and 14 RPM-13).
  • The cost of OEM-37 and RPM-13 on the Spoils of War vendor has been reduced to 4,000 (down from 5,000 previously and 10,000 originally)
This reduces the total Tech Fragment cost of an Augment to 40,000 Tech Fragments. This is more expensive than upgrading your Legendary Implants as we do want players to focus on their Implants and gear before pursuing Augments.

Last Boss Operations farming
Were going to make some adjustments to reduce the pressure for players to farm the final boss only. The new Tech Fragments values per boss are listed below.

Story Mode Operations
Boss 1: 150 Tech Fragments
Boss 2: 300 Tech Fragments
Boss 3: 500 Tech Fragments
Boss 4: 500 Tech Fragments
Boss 5: 550 Tech Fragments
Total: 2000 Tech Fragments

Veteran Mode Operations
Boss 1: 200 Tech Fragments
Boss 2: 450 Tech Fragments
Boss 3: 600 Tech Fragments
Boss 4: 600 Tech Fragments
Boss 5: 650 Tech Fragments
Total: 2500 Tech Fragments

Master Mode Operations
Boss 1: 225 Tech Fragments
Boss 2: 450 Tech Fragments
Boss 3: 750 Tech Fragments
Boss 4: 750 Tech Fragments
Boss 5: 825 Tech Fragments
Total: 3000 Tech Fragments

These adjustments keep the total Tech Fragments the same as previously stated.

Weve also been working on more rewards adjustments that were now ready to share with you all. So lets get into the new adjustments!

Tech Fragment Increases for Solo Players:
  • Random World Drops of Tech Fragments and other endgame currencies will no longer be single currency drops, well be introducing bags of individual currency. These bags will be consumed as soon as they are looted and the currencies will go to your currency tab. If you are already at the currency cap these bags will be consumed and no currency will be granted.
  • The amounts in bags were targeting are: 20 Tech Frags, 10 Conquest Commendations, and 5 for WZ-1 Accelerant, OP-1 Catalyst, FP-1 Stabilizer, and Daily Matrices.
  • Tech Fragments rewarded from individual Daily Area and Heroic Missions increased to 30 (up from 10)
  • Tech Fragments rewarded from the Personal Conquest goal increased to 500 (up from 250)
  • Players will be able to exchange extra Conquest Commendations directly for Tech Fragments at the Spoils of War vendor at a rate of 50 Conquest Commendations for 50 Tech Fragments.

Adjustments to Conquest Commendations
Hearing your feedback and evaluating currencies on our end, weve found players are hitting the currency cap on Conquest Commendations well before other currencies. To help this well be making some adjustments:
  • The currency cap of Conquest Commendations will be raised to 2500 (up from 999)
  • The weekly cap of Conquest Commendations will be raised to 1500 (up from 999)
  • As mentioned above, Conquest Commendations will be exchangeable for Tech Fragments at the Spoils of War Vendor

Allowing progress on losses for Unranked Warzones
We want our PvP queues and matches to be healthy, so were going to be modifying Unranked Warzone missions to allow players to progress even if the match is lost. We took a look at the average completion time of Unranked Warzones compared to Galactic Starfighter matches, and arrived at three losses equal to one win for progression.
The following Missions will allow progress on loss (Wins will count 3x):
  • [DAILY] Zero Tolerance
  • [DAILY] March Them Down
  • [WEEKLY] The Spoils of War
  • [DAILY] United We Stand
  • [DAILY] No Quarter
  • [WEEKLY] Conspicuous Valor
  • [WEEKLY] The War Front

These additional changes will be coming out with our 7.0.2 update.
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