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#3 Level Sync Update

Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt ( Original Post ) | 28.04.2022 12:31PM

Hi folks,

I wanted to follow up on my original post here as Ive seen lots of confusion around what is and isnt in the latest patch 7.0.2:

In 7.0.2:
  • Companions should no longer miss taunts or heals, and should be performing better overall.
  • Players with gear over 326 in PvP Warzones and Arenas no longer have a stat advantage as their stats are now properly synched to 326.
Working as intended:
  • The base Presence stat scales when Level Synced, but no bonus Presence scales. Bonus Presence includes all Presence gained through higher Influence with companions, Legacy Unlocks, and Datacrons. This can be observed in the Details button on the Character Sheet.
In a future update:
  • Maintaining Accuracy (and additional stats TBD) thresholds in Level Synced content.
  • Relic bonus stats when activated or triggered on their own applying in Level Synced content.
  • Augments and Color Crystal stats applying properly in Level Synced content.

In my original post, I wrote out specifically what would be in 7.0.2 to set player expectations. When future update is mentioned, that means the work is in active development but a specific patch has not been identified for a roll out. When the work is closer to completion and we are ready to deploy that content, it is at that time when we will communicate the patch number.

Outside of those things identified above, you should not expect any major changes to the Level Sync system until we communicate otherwise. Other related aspects, such as individual content difficulty and tuning, we will continue to address with each patch.


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