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#9 R-4 Anomaly Operation and Manaan Daily Area on PTS

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 05.07.2022 02:54PM
Originally Posted by JackieKo View Post
Hi everyone,

We will be taking PTS down before EOD today. Thank you to everyone who participated in this last phase of 7.1 PTS. Appreciate the feedback and reports that were submitted. If you still have yet to post or PM any VODs of your experiences with the R-4 bosses, please feel free to send them.


Follow up note. The team wanted to express their thanks to all the players who streamed/provided VODs throughout this PTS cycle. The insight and feedback gained from them was very helpful.

Originally Posted by codydmaan View Post
And we will see r4 in 2023
As I posted before, 7.1 is currently targeting mid-summer. That has not changed.

Originally Posted by joshrva View Post
Does this mean this was the last phase of PTS before 7.1, or will there be another one?
This was the last phase of 7.1 PTS.
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