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Changes regarding the Shadow Syndicate reputation track

Originally Posted by BryantWood ( Original Post ) | 12.07.2022 11:45AM
Hiya players!

With the end of Galactic Season 2 weve seen confusion around the Shadow Syndicate reputation track. This Shadow Syndicate was a time limited reputation track released to expand the offerings of Galactic Season 2. When Galactic Season 2 ended the Syndicate Plans used to progress the reputation track were no longer available, though Qius Dnar remains available on Nar Shaddaa. We understand that players expected to be able to continue progressing this track even after the season ended and used the new reputation track to help progress Conquest. Well be making some adjustments with patch 7.1 to allow progress towards this reputation track to continue.

Syndicate Plan drops
With patch 7.1, Syndicate Plans will continue to drop from mobs across the Galaxy for players who have not completed the reputation track. Jawa Intel will also remain available from Brrazz on the Fleet to increase the chance to obtain Syndicate Plans. With this change players can continue to progress the Shadow Syndicate reputation and earn the Legacy titles Shadow Initiate, Master of Shadows, and The Shadows Veil.

This availability will last until the start of Galactic Season 3. While we do not have the exact date of season 3 to share at this time, we will make sure to give players plenty of notice to ensure they can complete their progress and earn the titles. To be clear, Galactic Seasons 3 is NOT coming in 7.1.

Please note this change will not apply to the Galactic Season 2 Achievement One With the Shadows. We do see the feedback regarding how to improve Galactic Seasons achievements and are working towards solutions for this.

As always, we appreciate your efforts and feedback.
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