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#2 A Note From the Dev Team

Originally Posted by CaitlinSullivan ( Original Post ) | 18.07.2022 10:52AM
Hey, everyone! Ive posted here before, but its been awhile, so allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Caitlin Sullivan Kelly, and Im now the Lead Writer for Star Wars: the Old Republic. Some of you may remember me sharing my short story, Quite a Story to Tell, but I also had the pleasure of writingamong many other thingsthe Imperial Manaan story for Legacy of the Sith, both versions of the Secrets of the Enclave flashpoint, the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally event, and some major scenes in Echoes of Oblivion. Before I was a Game Writer, I was a Narrative Specialist, and my contributions to the narrative team go as far back as 2014, when I started providing feedback for the expansions story during the development of Shadow of Revan. In every Star Wars: the Old Republic update since then, my primary responsibility has been working with writing, design, art, and cinematics to ensure our story content adheres to a particular standard of quality.

Ive learned so much from working so closely with Charles over the years; hes been an amazing supporter, mentor, and friend. While itll be very hard to see him go, Ive also learned a lot from working with Ashley, and Im so excited to continue supporting her in her new role. We both recognize our teams talent for collaboration and creativity, as well as the passion for the amazing stories we tell: the twists and turns, the characters and relationships, the settings and the lore. I love this game, this team, and this community, and I look forward to continuing our storytelling journey together!
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