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Post 7.1: Ruins of Nul Darth Malgus Fight

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 02.08.2022 03:04PM
Hi everyone,

Now that 7.1 is live, we would like to know if anyone is still experiencing issues with this particular fight. While there were changes made to the fight and the environment and very few reports coming in, we were still not able to have a 100% repro of this issue. Hence my follow up post to determine what the player experience is after this update went out.

Only submit a report if you have experienced it AFTER 7.1 has gone live. Please include the following info if submitting a report:
  • What server were you on?
  • What mode did you play in? (Solo-story, Group finder, or a premade group)
  • Where were you on the map when the issue occurred?
  • What were you doing the moment the issued occurred? Jumping? Using an ability?
  • What message did the combat log give when your character died?
  • If you have video of the fight, feel free to PM me a link.
  • While this bug is focused in the Malgus fight, if you experienced it anywhere else on Elom, please list a location in which it occurred.
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