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Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 23.09.2022 02:23PM
Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
Now, I fully expected this answer to come up. But I gotta ask, exactly how you are even gathering feedback and where you are pulling that from? It's been mentioned in the past that you guys still use focus groups when testing out ideas for future content and stuff, and not the actual playerbase, so the fact that you won't allow your playerbase to actually do such a thing as creating polls and voting is a little disingenious when you want to engage more with the community.

As you mention, the people here on the forums can be considered the "most engaged" players. Shouldn't that be even more reason see how they react to things and engaging these people more? I understand that probably the biggest majority of players in the game still the "faceless masses" of F2P people who never spent a buck on this game, but considering this game needs to survive off subscription fees and MTX and that only people who are subscribed can even post here, I would think that this is a very important group to actually listen to to keep the revenue stream going. It's not like you send out any surveys to players or something, so I would think that the forums should be the #1 source of feedback to this game's development, but it often feels like you are just cherry-picking your feedback from parts unknown.
The forums are the place that we primarily get player feedback from even more so when it comes to PTS. We also gather it from a number of other places both official (social media, content creators) and unofficial (Discord, Reddit, Twitch) but the forums is the place we engage the most.

That, of course, is speaking specifically to feedback. Data, design goals, etc. are all a component of our decision making that goes beyond player feedback. These are things are working to be better about communicating as well to help drive better feedback.

Circling back to polls. If players like, or do not like something (or both), it is usually pretty apparent from the conversations around it. Polling adds little value from a feedback gathering standpoint since the "data" itself isn't usable to validate it. But on the flipside, forum-goers might take a poll as that data validation, which is only true in a vacuum. (Note from Jackie: That isn't to say that staff won't be using polls to gather snapshot insight. When we do use them for the sake of feedback, they will have a very direct and intended purpose.)

As stated above I think we can help here by being better about communicating our intent for things we do and changes we make. Along with being better about communicating what we are doing (or not doing) based on feedback.

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