Free Black-Purple Crystal for Subs

Originally Posted by SWTOR ( Original Post ) | 02.26.2015

Get exclusive Black-Purple Color Crystals for being a Subscriber!

As part of the Choose Your Path promotion, we’re giving away an exclusive set of four Advanced Black-Purple Color Crystals to thank all of our Subscribers on March 31, 2015!

Be a Subscriber as of March 29, 2015* and give your Lightsaber blades and blaster bolts a new dark purple color along with a +41 boost!

  • Advanced Black-Purple Striated Eviscerating Crystal (+41 Critical)
  • Advanced Black-Purple Striated Indestructible Crystal (+41 Endurance)
  • Advanced Black-Purple Striated War Hero's Crystal (+41 Expertise)
  • Advanced Black-Purple Striated Hawkeye Crystal (+41 Power)

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