SWTOR Anaheim Cantina Tour Livestream Coverage

Look here to read our coverage/summary of the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim SWTOR Cantina Tour Livestream and watch the stream live.

Livestream Recording

Livestream Summary

  • They started off with a preview video showing Vitiate (the former Emperor) is returning to power on Ziost, coming in Game Update 3.2: "Return of the Emperor."
  • Livestream Agenda: State of the Galaxy, Coming Soon to SWTOR, Cool Stuff (Digital Flash Drive), Gameplay Trailers and Announcements
  • Each person in attendance will receive a special code that grants a unique mount (Prinawe Congregate) and a random dye/xp boost/pet (from previous packs). Each code link can be given to up to 5 friends who can redeem it for the same items, and they can then share it to 5 new friends, etc.
  • People in attendance also were given wristbands with the hashtag #FallenEmpire
  • New creatures are coming in Ziost, such as the Monoliths. There is a new "Sixth Line Jedi Order" coming to the storyline as well, who are described as militaristic Jedi. "There is no contemplation, there is only duty." They are led by Jedi Master Sarel who has been posessed by the Emperor.
  • One new feature coming in Game Update 3.2 is the "Outfit Designer," a feature that was suggested in previous cantina tours.
Travel Improvements
  • Bind points now unlock automatically when you move near them, instead of having to click them to unlock them. All taxi points will now be unlocked by default when you land on a planet.
  • Legacy travel cooldowns are reduced, you can now quick travel with no cooldown with full legacy perks unlocked.
May the 4th Rewards
  • "Epic Story XP Boost" will be given to all subscribers on May 4th, 2015, which give you 12x XP. It will be around for a while.
  • M4-1S Astromech Droid pet reward will also be given out for May the 4th (The name is a play on May 4th, 2015).
New Yavin 4 Stronghold
  • A new stronghold is being added on Yavin 4.
Zorz Recognition

Eric Musco, Michael Bacrus, Charles Boyd, Jesse Sky answering.

  • Q: "Will Mandalore every play a bigger role in the game?"
  • A: "That would be really cool."
  • Q: "Can we get more character-companion interactions? Can we further advanced our companion stories?"
  • A: "Companions are a huge part of the game, but we would really like to get back to character-companion interaction. Definitely look forward to more companion stuff in the future."
  • Q: For a person with zero MMO experience, what is your best piece of advice?"
  • A: "Check out the Epic Story XP Boost"
  • Q: "Will there ever be a costume option other than the armor we're wearing?"
  • A: "It's definitely something we can look into."
  • Q: "Any plans to add new companions?"
  • A: Potentially
  • Q: Any chance of adding more hooks in our strongholds?
  • A: "I think it's a great idea, there's definitely some gaps, some people want to customize their stronghold in ways we didn't even think of so it's definitely something we'll look at." "The Yavin Stronghold has more hooks than usual."
  • Q: "Will Wookiees ever be playable as a race?"
  • A: "Wall of Crazy" for Wookiies, so no for Wookiees at the moment, but Togruta will be added later this year."
  • Q: "Will purebloods get more hair options?"
  • A: "Come talk to us after, sure."
  • Q: "Are you going to make more items in the game stackable in your bags?
  • A: "...Sure?"
  • Q: "Can we get more Mando Banners for Strongholds?"
  • A: "Sure, let us know if you have more suggestions for new items for strongholds."
  • Q: "Any plans for more perks for Legacy Level 50?"
  • A: "Yes"
  • Q: "Can we get more items just for roleplaying?
  • A: "That's a really great idea, it's something we've talked about and might do in the future."
  • Q: "Any plans to redesign boss encounters to be more melee friendly?
  • A: "Look forward to some melee improvements in 3.2, and more improvements going forward."
  • Q: "Will the blocked off area daily and instanced boss part of Ziost be part of 3.2?"
  • A: "Play Rise of the Emperor and stay tuned, there is more, we won't tell you when, but there's more."
  • Q: "Can you add a practice arena for Huttball or warzones?"
  • A: "It might be something we can do, especially on something like a guild ship."
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