Upcoming PvP Changes (Courtesy of Bad Feeling Podcast)

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  • Alex Modny (Systems Designer) and Eric Musco (Community Manager) were present and interviewed by the Bad Feeling Podcast
  • The majority of the changes discussed below will be released in Game Update 3.3.
  • There are no new GSF maps or new GSF classes in development, however there may be some balancing changes in the future.
  • There are no new warzones scheduled for release anytime soon. They are in the planning/development stages, but have no timetable as of right now.
  • There's going to be a significant cost reduction in both regular and ranked PvP gear:
    • Exhumed gear will have its cost reduced by 33%.
    • Dark Reaver gear will have its cost reduced by 81%.
  • Example: Currently the Item Rating 168 Mods cost 400 Warzone Comms and the Item Rating 174 Mods cost 800 Ranked and 400 Warzone. In 3.3 the 168 Mods will cost 150 Warzone Comms each. 174 Mods will cost 400 Warzone Comms each.
  • Ranked Warzone Commendations are being removed from the game and from the daily PvP mission rewards. All existing Ranked Warzone Commendations will be converted at a 1:1 ratio when Game Update 3.3 is released.
  • Warzone comms transfer between characters is returning but this time using an "official" method - you can buy a Warzone Commendations Legacy Box to transfer 99 commendations between characters in your legacy.
  • You will no longer be able to interrupt captures using AOE in warzones. This means Novare Coast consoles and Voidstar bomb planting/disarming can not be stopped using AOE damage.
  • Overall warzone experience and credit rewards will be significantly increased (~200%).
Ranked PvP
  • A 2018 expertise rating will be required to queue for solo ranked warzones, but no expertise rating required for group ranked warzones.
  • Ranked matches will reward new season-specific tokens, with more tokens given for better tiers. You can use the tokens to get the rewards you want, even the best rewards. Higher rating = more tokens per match, with the best rewards costing the most tokens.
  • Tokens will be able to be used for 1 entire season after the season they were obtained in before being converted to warzone commendations.
  • There will be 1 exclusive reward for each tier that can't be bought with tokens as well.
  • The top 96 players for solo and group will get everything and a unique title just as before.
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