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3.3 Dev Stream - Togruta and Yavin Stronghold

Look here to read our summary of the 3.3 Togruta and Yavin Dev Stream and watch the stream.

Livestream Recording

Livestream Summary

  • Eric and Toby previewed the new Togruta race and Yavin Stronghold.
  • 3.3 will be on the PTS Thursday June 4th. It will only include the PvP changes already announced. Patch 3.3 is scheduled to be released live on July 21st.


  • Hoping to release with 3.3.
  • Only the female model was shown. No additional color or body variations were previewed. They will show additional character design options as they are finished.
  • They have not decided on price, but it will be similar to current species unlocks.

Yavin Stronghold

  • The stronghold is entered from a landing pad with a path which leads to the main stronghold building. There is addiotnal areas to unlock as you move through and behind the temple.
  • There are 16 Centerpiece Hooks and 2 Starship Hooks.
  • New exterior hooks and patterns have been added in order to better decorate. There are a LOT of hooks.
  • The temple design is very verticle, with high ceilings. There are hooks going up the walls as well.
  • Ancient Stone Tile- Rocket Jumps you to higher areas in your stronghold. This is how you reach the top of your temple exterior.
  • The top of the temple has almost panormaic views of the Yavin forest and other temples.
  • Unlockable "rooms" include the Temple Grounds and two smaller temples outside.
  • New Decorations: Hanging Moss (wall hook) and Jungle Vines (ceiling hook).
  • Indoor and Outdoor waterfalls. These look great and both Eric and Toby dropped hints about a (possible) secret cave.


  • Q: What will the Yavin Stronghold cost?
  • A: Haven't decided. Will be in the range of Nar Shadaa and Tattoine.
  • Q: Will there still be a four Stronghold limit?
  • A: Yes. If you already have four strongholds you will have to deactivate one. You can reactivate it for no cost later though. They are discussing increasing both the stronghold and character limits.
  • Q: Will there be training dummy decorations?
  • A: There are technical issues with the dummies but they do know we want them and they are working on it.
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