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Knights of the Fallen Empire "Sacrifice" Trailer and Livestream Coverage

The EA E3 2015 livestream was at 1PM PT (4PM ET) today, June 15th.

Livestream Notes

  • Venue:
  • Jeff Hickman, Studio General Manager, Bioware Austin, takes the floor
  • The fans want more story, and Bioware has listened. They are taking SWTOR back to its roots of cinematic storytelling.
  • October 27th, 2015 is the release date.
  • You can betray your companions, there are new worlds to explore, new companions to obtain.
  • KOTFE will be free to all subscribers
  • Cinematic is shown. Two children (Arcann and ?) are shown play-fighting and making their own lightsabers. Fast forward to their adulthood - several battles, the one in white is badly injured. The two are kneeling before a third man (their father, Valkorion). Arcann, the one in white (now wearing half of a mask) tries to attack their father Valkorion, but is pulled back by the brother in black. They begin fighting, and Arcann kills his brother.

Post-Show IGN Livestream:

  • Your character is frozen in carbonite at the end of the current storyline.
  • When you awaken, years have passed. You learn that the Republic and Empire have fallen. You have to find your companions and adventure with new companions in a very personal story.
  • Arcann and Vaylin are the two brothers, son of Valkorion.
  • You can create a level 60 character right at the start of the expansion if you want, or use an existing level 60 character you have.
  • The expansion was inspired by KOTOR and the Empire Strikes Back.
  • This is a return and continuation of your personal story.
  • Level cap is raised to Level 65. Iconic new abilities for each class.
  • They keep referring to it as an "RPG" which is a bit odd.

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