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Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 28.06.2022 09:39AM
Originally Posted by Terentheren View Post
Returning player, been back about six months now after a four year plus break....looking for several decorations I missed out on due to being away. Especially want the Dance Floor, The Concert Stage, and the Biff Band Disguise Terminal for my Nar Shadaa Stronghold.

Would love to hear that this event will be back soon, or if not, some alternative way to earn these decorations implemented.
Originally Posted by Terentheren View Post
Thanks, really hope this is true. Someone was saying in chat that the event had been discontinued.
Hi! The Nar Shadaa event is not discontinued, so not sure where they received that info. Here to confirm it is coming back this year and there will be some new rewards! We're just finalizing the details on timing, so we'll definitely post an update when we're ready to share that info.
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