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Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.08.2022 03:47PM
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I was wondering if it would be possible to get an option (either a purchasable token or recognizing an achievement for completing it at least once on each side) to skip all the story related to Onslaught, allow us to start at Legacy of the Sith on alts that aren't as fair along as our mains?

I have 30 characters, and only 3 have completed everything up to the current story. The other 27 are either somewhere between Ossus and Echos of Oblivion. Previously, we were able to bypass all the previous content and start the new story by picking up the mission on our ships...why aren't we able to do that now?
Hey there,

Others in this thread have made some relevant points around things like Loyalist / Saboteur, but there is also a bit more to this decision from our side.

We wanted to avoid having just a bunch of different "boost" options at character create, especially to have clear starting points for new and returning players. When looking at those starting points we chose 3 different points based on each story as its own "saga". So you have the classic game (class story start), KOTFE (the Knights of saga), and Onslaught (the current saga). In this same example, you can't skip straight to KOTET from a boost, just like LotS.

All of that said, "catch-up time" is something that will grow as we continue to add more story content in the current saga. I'll chat with the team and see if there are adjustments to consider here.

Thanks for the feedback!

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