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Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.08.2022 03:45PM
Originally Posted by Shayddow View Post
1. Unlike other "daily" areas there is no "Gear" rewards for doing this area- i.e. daily resource matrix. So even for people in all 326's, being able to obtain matrixes for alts in your legacy is a good thing

2. On Imp side, the main questgiver does not have the room that he is in highlighted on the map. You get off the elevator and have to remember where to go. (haven't done Pub side yet). Please highlight this.
Hey there,
  1. This is actually unintended. We have a small bug fix patch coming soon (ideally in the next couple weeks) where this is currently slated to be fixed.
  2. I'll check that we have this tracked to get fixed in a future release. As always make sure to raise any bugs you see in the bug report forums!
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