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Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 09.08.2022 09:16AM
Originally Posted by Ardrossan View Post
Change the shade color to make it visually distinct from areas that have already been explored.
Totally hear you and that is definitely the plan (again what you are seeing isn't intended implementation).

Originally Posted by SoonerJBD View Post
See this is why people only post negative stuff. I post one positive thing about a change I like, and you immediately punish me by taking it away. Lesson learned. Ill just keep telling you all the ways you disappoint me from now on.
Hey, so I definitely don't want you to feel at all like you were punished for raising this. We knew about this shortly after 7.1 went live and have been investigating to understand exactly what happened, any potential risks for it being live, and our ability to revert the change. Once I had that information in hand your thread was simply a catalyst to deliver that information. I totally hear your sentiments here though and want to reiterate that the QoL feature intended in the future is on the exact foundation of what you like here.


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