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Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 16.08.2022 11:54AM
Originally Posted by Ludwig_VanCover View Post
Hi Jackie!

Below is a YouTube video that was trimmed to show an example of this happening in R4. As others have said, it happens in other operations and does not happen to all all players. Some players will see the player, others won't. To add, if the player appears dead, the option to revive them appears when you hover over them in the open world, however you are told you may not revive them as they are not dead.

Specific to this clip:

The "I-see-dead-people players"
- Phinoka. Died to IPCPT (HM) large AOE grenade
- Watcher's Eye. Died to /stuck
- Anniemara. Died to Droid damage as group wiped

There does not seem to be a common way to reproduce the bug. It is random, however it happens often enough to be an issue. I experience it at least once every raid. This was an issue at 7.0 and became worse in 7,1. In 7,0, I only experience this in TFB/SnV/TOS, however now I experience this bug in all operations of all difficulties.

Link to the video:
Hi Ludwig_VanCover,

This is awesome, thanks for passing it along! We'll take a look and see what info we can pull from it. VODs are always helpful in figuring out what's happening in the player experience, so thanks again!
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