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Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 20.09.2022 12:57PM
Originally Posted by Eckrond View Post
First and foremost I'm wondering why this is happening at all; Ten years with this forum it's odd that any resources would be dedicated to some sort of major overhaul unless some sort of major rebranding is underway.

Is there an official statement as to the why of all this, even if whimsy?

Good question! So, there are two primary reasons that we are updating the forums:
  1. Modernizing our game and supporting systems/platforms remains a goal of ours and the forums are just one example of that! By updating it to an entirely new platform it introduces a host of new functionality (for you and for us) and future proofs us so we can continue to update it going forward.
  2. With our forums being a very old and very custom version of vBulletin it was simply on its way to becoming unsupportable. Between choosing to stop supporting the forums (which would inevitably shut them down) or replacing them, we chose the latter.

Hope that addresses your questions, thanks!

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