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Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 23.09.2022 12:25PM
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On a side note to this, when this current forum launched, we initially had the option to create threads with forum polls. This feature was quickly deactivated because it wasn't "intended" to be used. How's your stance on this with his new forum?
Hey there!

Ok yeah, let's talk about polls and the forums. This is a decision that might even predate me as CM but I know the philosophy was shared over the years. Polling is something that is, generally speaking, a great engagement feature. However, part of the challenge is that players will often look at polls on the forums and their results as "supporting data" for things as opposed to a means of conversation.

The forums are an excellent source of feedback and discussion but it is worth understanding that the forums represent a very small fraction of the playerbase. And even then, forum-goers tend to only fall within the most engaged of our player types. That is a bunch of words to say, the forum community is excellent but it is not always an accurate representation of the full breadth of our playerbase.

Now, it is for that very reason that the forums are valuable, to get that feedback from our most engaged players. But is also means that polling is not going to always be accurate outside of that understanding. Which is fine for us, but can make it challenging to have meaningful conversations coming from polls if players take those very limited numbers as fact.

That is why we have leaned towards keeping polls disabled in the past, but I will let Jackie speak to any plans for the new forums.

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