Character Level Class Server Guild Name
A'ries 60 Sage Tomb of Freedon Nadd Beast Riders
Acuzel 60 Assassin The Shadowlands The Imperial Order
Adaghar 60 Marauder The Shadowlands
Adas 60 Sorcerer The Bastion Girth
Adonyia 60 Shadow The Harbringer Bad Co
Adun-Rass 60 Shadow The Harbringer 13th Legion
Aelena 60 Powertech The Red Eclipse The Evil Echelon
Aerinya 65 Sentinel The Ebon Hawk
Aeron Cyberscar 15 Sentinel The Harbringer
Aezur 60 Powertech The Red Eclipse
Agidius 60 Juggernaut The Red Eclipse Hungarikum
Agtar 55 Guardian The Shadowlands WOOK
Ahzhihod 60 Shadow The Shadowlands Aeternum Ascension
Airen Ramis 60 Vanguard Jedi Covenant Souls of Fate
Aklys 60 Sorcerer Mantle of the Force Les Krayt'uns
Alcaponecze 65 Sentinel The Red Eclipse ToFN Facking Dead
Aldahm 58 Assassin The Ebon Hawk Nightmare Inquisition
Aldrelif 60 Sage Prophecy of the Five Ardent Vigil
Alêcto 60 Marauder The Ebon Hawk Is Beastly
Alema-rar 60 Assassin The Shadowlands Pandamonium II

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