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SWTOR Operations - Speed Challenges

In light of the cancellation of the ESL Operation Victory Event, DBSmiley is organizing a community wide Operation speed running event. Beginning today and for the next two weeks, guilds are invited to submit speed run videos to compete for the fastest runs on The Ravagers here:

There will be separate leaderboards for both story mode and hard mode. Submissions will require a recording with a UTC clock visible in the video to show the time of the kill. See the topic for more rules and requirements.

Additionally, this challenge will continue, cycling through each of the 9 operations going forward. In each operation, there will be a separate leaderboard for each difficulty including Nightmare. Guild progress will be maintained through a points system.

Best of luck and go get some fast kills!

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ESL Operation Victory Tournament Canceled

Originally Posted by Eric Musco ( Original Forum Post ) | 03.02.2015, 03:14 PM

Hey folks,

I will cut right to the chase, we are cancelling our ESL Operation Victory competition. Our reason revolves around the Coratanni encounter. I know many of you raised concerns about the issues related to the encounter, and we agree.

We spent a lot of time this week testing bug fixes to see how viable the fixed version would be in a speed running environment. We have applied improvements to the Coratanni encounter as of tomorrow's patch but there are still situations that could impact players focused on a timed run.

We thank you for your feedback around the contest and should we decide to do something like this in the future, we will let you know. Also, let us know your feedback on the concept of doing a speedrun contest. As we explore options like this in the future it would be great to know your thoughts.


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