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Game Update 3.2.1 Patch Notes

Originally Posted by swtor.com ( Original Forum Post ) | 05.26.2015, 10:00 AM


Nar Shaddaa Nightlife makes a glorious return! Head to Nar Shaddaa between June 9th, 2015 at 12GMT and August 25th, 2015 at 12GMT to test your luck on Smuggler's Luck and Kingpin's Bounty slot machines to earn unique prizes!


  • Right-clicking selected Utilities before resetting them no longer displays an incorrect number of available Utility Points.
  • Dye Module Tooltips for the Outfit Designer now appear properly in German clients.
  • The typo in the Season 4 Top 96 titles has been corrected.
  • Emergency Fleet Pass and Quick Travel cooldowns for Preferred players now match the Subscriber cooldowns as intended.
  • Modifying a Dye in an Outfit Slot now clears the slot's Color Unification setting.
  • Clarified Outfit Designer Color Unification by adding error messaging for when a player attempts to use "Unify Colors" without having a chest slot stamp.
  • Schematic names now currently wrap to the next line in the Crafting UI if the name is too long.
  • Achievements earned during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event that were lost have been restored thanks to a gracious donation from Czerka Corporation. Czerka Corp: Anytime, anywhere...we're there. This patch note was paid for by People for the Unchallenged Control of Czerka Corp, a subsidiary of the Czerka Corporation.
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3.2c Patch Notes

Originally Posted by SWTOR ( Original Forum Post ) | 05.14.2015, 08:00 AM


  • Corrected and adjusted the Conquest and Event schedule:
    • The Gree Event will continue to run until Tuesday, May 26th.
    • The Relics of the Gree Conquest Event will repeat starting on Tuesday, May 19th.
    • Bounty Contract Week has been rescheduled, and will now run from Tuesday, May 26th to Tuesday, June 2nd.
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