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Action Taken For The Ravagers Exploit

Originally Posted by Eric Musco ( Original Forum Post ) | 01.29.2015, 12:23 PM

Hey folks,

As I talked about in my previous post we needed to finalize our data and ensure that we were ready to move on appropriate actions for those players who abused the Ravager’s Exploit. Since we have been a bit more open in our process regarding this particular exploit, we thought it would be best to bring it full circle and tell you specifically what we are doing to those players. As of this post, our actions against players has begun. Here are the types of actions we are taking based on the severity of their exploits:

  • Received a warning along with anywhere between 1-7 days of in-game suspension time.
    • Anyone who received an in-game suspension will also lose their forum privileges for the same period of time.
  • For our most egregious offenders, they will have received a suspension up to a permanent suspension.

Inside of those categories of player's it is also possible they could have very specific additional actions taken against them including:

  • Removal of inappropriately obtained high-end gear and crafting materials
  • Removal of credits and commendations

We know that one of the gameplay impacts from this exploit was an influx of crafters being able to make items which they reverse engineered from ill-gotten gains. Any player who exploited (regardless of severity) and gained a crafting pattern is likely to see that pattern removed.

So all of you know what to expect, this is an example of the messaging sent to those players who are receiving an in-game suspension:

Dear Customer,

We are contacting you regarding your account for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. This is to notify you that we will be taking action against your account for a violation of our Terms of Service. After a thorough investigation, we discovered the following Terms of Service violations:

This account participated in looting the final chest of the Ravager's Operation without legitimately completing the content. By doing so, this account was able to acquire high-end gear, commendations or crafting patterns, or crafting materials, in a manner violating our Terms of Service and the related Rules of Conduct, specifically:

"... you may not engage in any of the following behavior:

Exploit any bug in the Service to gain unfair advantage in the game and/or communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through the public posting) to any other user of the Service."

The action taken against your account is a <TIME> suspension and the removal of any learned crafting recipes from the use of this exploit from any characters on this account that participated.

It is important to note that should this account partake in any future exploit, it will receive a more severe action up to and including permanent suspension.

We appreciate your continued participation with SWTOR and remind you the game needs to remain fun and engaging for everyone. To prevent future situations where you may encounter a potential exploit, we encourage you to review our Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct which can be found here:, and here:

If you feel that this action has been applied in error, please contact


Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Terms of Service

We didn't take these actions lightly and reviewed every account to determine where we could be lenient. From our end, this was a no win situation. We feel responsible for allowing the exploit to occur and remain in the game for an unreasonable length of time, but we also cannot and will not condone cheating. Thankfully, a large majority of our players didn’t exploit at all, but unfortunately, some of those who did have been with us for a long time, even all the way back to launch. It breaks our hearts to see a few of those loyal players partake in the exploit. Still, it would be unfair to not punish those players, and so we had to take action.

We have all learned some valuable lessons this past month or so, and we’re hopeful to catch these types of situations long before they get released or very quickly thereafter. Please continue to do what you can to notify us quickly should we create another situation where someone can benefit by exploiting a bug in the game.

We appreciate your understanding of our position and hope you’ll continue to enjoy your time with us. We have a lot of great additions coming to SWTOR this year and we look forward to sharing them with you.


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Changes Coming in Tomorrow's (1/21) Maintenance

Originally Posted by Eric Musco ( Original Forum Post ) | 01.20.2015, 06:28 PM

Hey folks,

First, as Tait alluded to we will be having a maintenance tomorrow, on Wednesday the 21st. We didn't have our regular Tuesday maintenance due to the federal holiday here in the states. I wanted to let you know a few of the things coming in tomorrow’s patch:

  • Item rarity borders will now show properly
  • No more getting stuck in Blood Hunt if someone dies to Jos or Valk Beroya
  • The Underlurker will no longer rush extremely quickly back to his target after leaping
  • There have been adjustments made to the Contraband Slot Machine (more on this in a second)
  • There is also one other fix, check the final patch notes for more info

Let's talk about the changes coming to the Contraband Slot Machine. When we were going into 3.0.2, we wanted to make Grade 11 materials more accessible to more players than they were at the time. As you know, we simultaneously put in the Contraband Slot Machine, which afforded you a fairly good chance to get Jawa Junk and other Jawa vendor scrap parts. This had two effects:

  • It had the risk of taking the Grade 11 material costs in the economy, in the long term, to a price below where we would like
  • It created a situation where it could be more profitable to completely ignore crew skills by use of the Slot Machine
With those in mind, we decided to make the following changes, which will be live tomorrow:
  • The drop rate on all Jawa scraps, has been greatly reduced
  • The drop rate on Contraband Reputation items, has been increased
  • To insure that the Slot Machine is still an awesome item to strive for, we have added a faction specific walker mount as a very rare drop
  • Lastly, we have increased the cost of each Slot Machine coin from 500 to 750 credits. It was always our intent that the coin cost would increase over time as we add more Slot Machines that accept the coin

Thanks everyone!

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PvP Season 4

Originally Posted by Alex Modny ( Original Forum Post ) | 01.15.2015, 12:31 PM
Hello PvPers!

Season 4 is planned to last roughly 3 months, starting with Game Update 3.1 and ending with Game Update 3.2. As of right now, Game Update 3.1 is planned to go live in about a month (and is already on PTS, so please check it out!). However, as always, this is subject to change.

After the end of Season 4, we would normally have a Pre-Season lasting a few weeks to a few months. However, for Season 5 there will be no Pre-Season – we will go straight from Season 4 to Season 5. We decided to nix the Pre-Season because there will not be a gear tier update for PvP in Game Update 3.2, which negates the main reason we had Pre-Seasons in the past (Allowing as many players as possible to gear up during that time). This does not mean we are doing away with Pre-Seasons forever or that there won’t ever be new tiers of PvP gear, just that Season 5 will not have either of those things.

I also wanted to assure you that we continue to read and value your feedback when it comes to the Ranked PvP experience and rewards suggestions. Two of the adjustments we will be enacting is that the Top 96 title in Season 4 will be Class specific (akin to what it was in Season 2) as a result from this forum’s feedback. Secondly the Tier 3 rewards (lowest) will have a floor rating in Season 5. We will watch the season and see where ratings are then set where the cutoff number will be, but characters with very low rating will not be receiving any rewards. The goal here is to reward players that are participating in the spirit of ranked play. These are minor adjustments to be sure, but nevertheless is an example of upcoming changes based on your feedback.

Be on the lookout for more updates regarding Ranked PvP in the future including rewards and other developments. We are very excited about 2015 for Ranked Seasons and hope that y’all are too! As always, looking forward to your feedback!
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