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Chiss are known to be cunning warriors and capable military leaders. Chiss are also known to be highly educated, and many of them use their skills to gather intelligence on their enemies in an expedient and quiet manner. Because they are the only known ally of the Sith Empire, Chiss are often seen as high ranking officials in the Empire’s Imperial Intelligence organization.


Half-man, half-machine, Cyborgs are humans who have turned away from their humanity and their mortality in favor of technological advancements. While many use cybernetics to save their lives or replace missing limbs, some turn to implants to help them in combat, such as using retinal implants to scan for potential threats.


Known for their versatility and ability to adapt to almost any situation or circumstance, Humans are recognized as the most common species in the known galaxy and are used as the "standard" by which all other species are compared.


While they share many similar traits, the evolution of the Miraluka has diverted significantly from their Human counterparts. Born without eyes, the Miraluka can see the galaxy around them through their strong connection to the force, and often wear veils or headbands, many of them elaborately decorated, to cover their faces.


Easily recognized by their greenish-tinted skin and geometric tattoos that mark their own personal achievements, Mirialan are renowned across the galaxy for their prowess both at the negotiation table and on the field of battle.


Because of the harsh climate on the arid world of Rattatak, the native Rattataki had to fight off Humans, Zabrak and other species for control of any resource they could find. This constant drive for survival has led to the Rattataki being strong and deadly warriors.

Sith Pureblood

The Sith, as a species, have been regarded throughout history as a violent people who share a strong, symbiotic connection to the Dark Side of the Force. While they are regarded as "pureblood" to the galaxy at large, much of Sith culture has been shaped by their interbreeding with Humans which began when Dark Jedi who were exiled by the Jedi Council became marooned on the Sith homeworld of Korriban. Today very few Sith are spared the "taint" of an impure bloodline.




Though Force sensitive Twi'leks are often taken at a young age to learn to harness their powers, many free Twi'leks rely on their powers of seduction to get ahead in the galaxy. This allows Twi'leks to use their powers of persuasion to loosen the lips of influential powers, and slip their way out of sticky situations.


Easily recognized by their cranial spikes and facial tattoos, the Zabrak are one of the most culturally varied species in the galaxy. This difference can trace its roots to the Jedi Civil War, where the Zabrak homeworld of Iridonia was constantly fought over. As a result, each of the Zabrak's colony worlds broke away from their homeworld and followed their own paths. Because of this and other influences, Zabrak can be found serving many roles for both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire.

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