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SWTOR Galactic Timeline

Galactic Timeline for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Galactic Calendar is the in-universe calendar system adopted by the Galactic Senate following the Treaty of Coruscant (BTC/ATC).

Note: Most Information was obtained from Wookiepedia.

The Current Year is 3630 BBY / 23 ATC
>> Dates and events listed after 13 ATC are based on speculation+ five years for Knights of the Fallen Empire.<<

Further Evidence to Current Year

According to the novel The Old Republic: Annihilation, the Treaty of Coruscant collapsed in 3642 BBY, and Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire states that Choza Raabat disappeared two years before that, or 3644 BBY. The game also establishes that Raabat's disappearance occurred twelve years before the events of Fallen Empire, so Fallen Empire must take place in 3632 BBY, and Chapter I—which takes place five years prior to the rest of the expansion—in 3637 BBY.

The Galactic Standard Calendar is the standard calendar system used to reference all of Star Wars. It's based on the Battle of Yavin(BBY/ABY) from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and the destruction of the first Death Star during the Galactic Civil War.

The Galactic Calendaris the in-universe calendar system adopted by the Galactic Senate following the Treaty of Coruscant(BTC/ATC). This is the calendar system that would be used by our characters.

Setting the Stage

5000 BBY || 1347 BTC: The Great Hyperspace War

3995 BBY || 342 BTC: The Mandalorian Wars, based on perspective.
3964 BBY || 311 BTC: The Mandalorian Wars, based on perspective.
3960 BBY || 307 BTC: The Battle of Malachor V.
3958 BBY || 305 BTC: The Jedi Civil War.
3956 BBY || 303 BTC: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic begins.
3955 BBY || 302 BTC: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ends.
3951 BBY || 298 BTC: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, The Sith Lords.

The Great Galactic War or Great War

3701 BBY || 48 BTC: Darth Malgus is born.
3699 BBY || 46 BTC: Satele Shan is born.
3681 BBY || 28 BTC: The Great Galactic War begins.

Sith Onslaught

3681 BBY || 28 BTC

Skirmish in the Tingle Arm. Imperial victory.
Assault on the Aparo Sector. Imperial victory. Aparo abandons the Republic and joins the Empire.
The Tingel Arm Campaign. Imperial victory.
The first Battle of Korriban (" Return" cinematic trailer). Imperial victory.
The Battle of Sluis Van. Imperial victory. Republic shipyards destroyed.
The Blockade of the Rimma Trade Route. Imperial Victory. Republic supply lines strangled and political tensions rise.
Battle of Eliad. Imperial invasion halted.
The Minos Cluster Campaign. Imperial victory. Number of successful Imperial operations.
Darth Vich discovers Rattatak and proceeds to build an army.

3680 BBY || 27 BTC

The First Battle of the Seswenna Sector. Imperial victory.
The Second Battle of Seswenna Sector. Rimma Trade Route blockade broken.
Darth Vich's insurrection is thwarted. Rattataki introduced to the Empire.

3678 BBY || 25 BTC

Massacre on Lenico IV. Exal Kressh learns of the Emperor's Children. Ortolan tribes massacred.
Hunt for Exal Kressh. Exal Kressh executed.
Invasion of Begeren. Imperial victory.
Engagement in the Mid Rim. Imperial victory.

3674 BBY || 21 BTC: Battle of Bomodon. Republic victory.

3671 BBY || 18 BTC

Third Battle of the Seswenna Sector. Imperial victory.
The First Battle of Bothawui. Republic Victory.
The Second Battle of Bothawui. Draw.

3670 BBY || 17 BTC: Battle of Balmorra. Imperial victory.

Republic Resilience

3668 BBY || 15 BTC

Capture of the Dread Masters. Republic victory. The Dread Masters imprisoned on Belsavis.
Engagement over Belsavis. Republic victory. Fatality crashes into Section X.

3667 BBY || 14 BTC

Battle of Alderaan. Republic victory. Alderaanian government pledges military support to Republic.
Campaign near Gell Mattar. Republic Victory.

3665 BBY || 12 BTC: Battle of Hoth. Imperial victory.

3661 BBY || 8 BTC

Blockade of the Hydian Way. Mandalorian victory. Republic supply crisis.
Battle near Devaron. Mandalorian victory. Jedi unable to break Hydian Way blockade.

3660 BBY || 7 BTC

Battle of the Hydian Way. Republic victory attributed to Hylo Visz. Republic supply lines restored.
Battle of Ord Radama. Republic victory.
Occupation of Balmorra. Imperial strengthens its hold on the planet.
Third Battle of Korriban. Republic withdraw.
Battle of Ziost. Imperial victory.
Battle of Ashas Rae. Imperial victory.
Battle of Serenno. Imperial victory.
Reconquest of Ord Radama. Imperial victory.

Empire Victories

3658 BBY || 5 BTC: Defeat of the Imperial Seventh Fleet. Republic victory.

3653 BBY || 0 BTC

Battle of Rhen Var. Republic victory.
Battle of Drunkenwell. Imperial victory.
The Sacking of Coruscant (" Deceived" cinematic trailer). Imperial occupation of Coruscant.
Alderaan Peace Conference. Republic and Imperial dignitaries negotiate peace treaty.

The Cold War

Setting the Great War

3653 BBY || 0 ATC

The Republic is forced to sign the Treaty of Coruscant.
The Great Galactic War ends. Imperial victory.
The First Battle of Dantooine. Republic victory.
Attack on the Envoy. Imperial victory.
Bombing of the Senate Tower. Treaty of Coruscant supporters assassinated.
The Second Battle of Dantooine. Imperial victory.

Jostling for Advantage

3651 BBY || 2 ATC

Attack on Mindor. Destruction of Chagrian colony.
Satele Shan rediscovers Tython.

3649 BBY || 4 ATC: Imperial Attack on Voss. Voss victory.

3648 BBY || 5 ATC

Taris Resettlement Initiative.
Raid on Ilum.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

3643 BBY || 10 ATC: Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches. In-game class stories' time frames differ and overlap.

3642 BBY || 11 ATC

Collapse of Peace

The Battle of Balmorra. Republic victory.
Invasion of Taris. Imperial force raze Republic Restoration Project.
Battle of Taral V. Heroes of the Republic assist Jedi Master Oteg.
Battle of the Maelstrom. Heroes of the Republic assist Jedi Master Oteg.
Attack on the Dorin's Sky. Champions of the Empire infiltrate the Dorin's Sky.
Battle of the Foundry. Champions of the Empire secure the Foundry.
Quesh War. Imperial forces attempt to disrupt Republic operations. Ongoing.
Battle of Hoth. Republic, Imperial, and Pirate Confederate forces fight for control of the Star Ship Graveyard.
The Cold War ends

The Galactic War

3641 BBY || 12 ATC

Renewed War

The Galactic War begins.
Battle of Belsavis. Empire discovers Belsavis. Ongoing.
Battle of Rabaan. Imperial victory.
The Battle of Corellia. Republic victory.
Battle of Kalandis. Imperial withdraw.

Open Conflict

The Battle of Ilum. Republic victory. Jace Malcolm promoted to Supreme Commander.
Attacks on Hutt Spaceby unknown forces are presumed to be the work of the Republic and Empire.
Hutts annex neutral systems to regain lost territory, headed by Karagga.
The Battle of Karagga's Palace. Karagga is prevented from becoming a third combatant in the war.
The Battle for Black Hole. Occupational skirmishes persist on Corellia.
The First Battle of Denova. Kephess claims Denova.
The Second Battle of Denova. Republic Heroes and Champions of the Empire engage Kephess.
The Battle of Kaon. Evolved forms of Raghouls eradicated.
Mission to Ord Mantell. Sannus Lorrick defeated.

3640 BBY || 13 ATC

The First Battle of Leritor. Republic victory.
The Second Battle of Leritor. Imperial victory. Darth Karrid becomes head of the Sphere of Technology.
Battle of Boranall. Imperial victory. Republic publicly held responsible for orbital bombardment.
Darth Karrid killed during the Battle of Duro as a result of Operation Endgame.
Battle of Asation. Heroes of the Republic and Champions of the Empire assist the Gree.

Rise of the Hutt Cartel

3640 BBY || 13 ATC

Conquest of Makeb. Hutts negotiate settlement with the Republic. Empire secures Makeb mining operations.
Raid on Arcanum. Lord Tagriss steals several Sith relics.

3639 BBY || 14 ATC

Seizure of CZ-198. Rebellious entities of Czerka Arms is subdued. Republic and Empire vie for assets. Ongoing.
Dread War. Republic and Imperial forces engage the Dread Masters on Oricon.
The Battle for Kuat. Imperial forces attempt to seize the planet's shipyards from Republic defenders. Ongoing.
The Shroud's analysis of the Current State of the Galaxy.

Forged Alliances

3638 BBY || 15 ATC

Assault on Tython. Republic victory. Jedi Archives razed.
Korriban Incursion. Imperial victory. Dark Council chambers razed.
Mission to Manaan. Genetics Laboratory G-1 destroyed.
Raid on Rakata Prime. Darth Arkous and Colonel Darok killed by traitors Theron Shan and Lana Beniko.

The Shadow of Revan

3637 BBY || 16 ATC

The Battle of Rishi. Draw. Republic and Imperial forces temporarily cease fire to address the threat of the Order of Revan.
The Battle of Yavin 4. Order of Revan defeated. Temporary alliance between Satele Shan's and Darth Marr's personal fleets to confront Revan.
The Invasion of Ziost. Vitiate consumes all life on the planet.

Eternal Empire Conquest

Knights of the Fallen Empire

3637 BBY || 16 ATC

Sith Empire outposts in Wild Space destroyed by unknown culprits.
Arcann and Thexan lead raids against the Core Worlds; Korriban is the most notable world to be defeated.
First Skirmish with the Eternal Fleet. A joint-expedition of Imperial and Republic ships is led by Darth Marr to pursue Vitiate into Wild Space. All forces considered MIA/KIA.
The Outlander is placed in carbonite.
Emperor Arcann declares the Core Worlds responsible for Valkorian's death, and declares war against Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.
Within three months, the Eternal Fleet claims naval superiority, having destroyed all major shipyards. Ships powered by Isotope-5 are discovered to be the most effective means of evading Eternal Fleet vessels.

3636 BBY || 17 ATC

Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, and all major trade routes are blockaded by the Eternal Fleet.
The Dark Council is practically disbanded and Supreme Chancellor Saresh is removed from office.
Emissaries, Senator Evran and Darth Vowrawn, agree to a ceasefire, imposing armament restrictions and mandatory tributes from both the Republic and Empire to Zakuul.
The Galactic War ends. Zakuul victory.
Darth Acina declares herself Sith Empress, and Senator Madon succeeds Leontyne Saresh as Supreme Chancellor.
The Galactic Republic and Sith Empire continue to actively engage in war with one another.
Emperor Arcann forgoes army occupation by installing Star Fortresses over hundreds of worlds.

3632 BBY || 21 ATC

Revolt Against the Eternal Empire

Lana Beniko and her team Rescue the Outlander from the Spire.
The Gravestone is rediscovered in the swamps of Zakuul.
The Outlander meets with Heskaland the Scions of Zakuul.
The Outlander allies with the Lady of Sorrows.
The Battle of Asylum.
The Alliance is formed, and the Outlander  is named its Commander.
Raid on Overwatch. The Outlander and Firebrand collect schematics of the Spire for the Alliance.
Joint operation between the Outlander and Havoc Squad wiretaps a Zakuul Knight outpost.
Raid on the Gilded Star. The Outlander empties the treasury ship of the Eternal Empire.

3631 BBY || 22ATC

Raid on Darvannis. The Outlander and Mandalorian forces seize GEMINI Prime.
The GEMINI trap. The SCORPIO betrays the Outlander  and captures the Eternal Fleet for herself.
Battle of Odessen. Alliance victory. Vaylin allies with SCORPIO to take the Eternal Throne.

3630 BBY || 23ATC

Invasion of Voss. Eternal Alliance Victory planetside. Imperial Victory in orbit. The Empire joins the Alliance against Zakuul.
Assault on the Gravestone. SCORPIO takes the Gravestone and Eternal Fleet to Iokath.
Grand Festival of Empress Vaylin. Vaylin flees Zakuul. Zakuul's population turns against its Empress.
First Mission to Nathema. Vaylin breaks free from her mental conditioning.
2nd Battle of Odessen. Alliance Victory. Death of Vaylin.
Battle of Zakuul. Alliance captures the Eternal Throne and forms the Eternal Alliance. Vitiate is finally destroyed.
Battle for Iokath. The Eternal Alliance and their allies dominate the majority of Iokath. Attempted assassination of the Outlander.
Crisis on Umbara. Theron Shan revealed to be the traitor.
Mission to Copero. Theron Shan escapes with location of a superweapon.

Second Mission to Nathema. Theron Shan revealed to be a double-agent. The Order of Zildrog is dissolved. The Gravestone, the machine-god Zildrog, and the Eternal Fleet are all destroyed.
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