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Season 7 Reward Blog

Magnificent PvPers! Season 7 is coming to close this Fall with Knights of the Eternal Throne. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark appreciated the entertainment you have provided and look to reward the best around with some exclusive gifts from their personal collection. Below is a table with information and cost of the specific rewards, let's get to it!

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Game Update 4.7: The Battle of Odessen Patch Notes

Originally Posted by swtor.com ( Original Post ) | 08.09.2016


  • Chapter 16 – The Battle of Odessen!Prepare to face Arcann in deadly combat as he launches a full-scale assault against the Alliance base on Odessen! Still recovering from a shattering betrayal of the now-renegade droid, SCORPIO, the Outlander’s Alliance must rally to defeat Arcann’s forces in a desperate battle to determine the fate of the galaxy!
  • New Alliance Alert: Shining in the Darkness!Something is fishy on Nar Shaddaa. Voss Mystic Sana-Rae’s most recent vision will send you to the Smuggler’s Moon in search of a mysterious Force user. Luckily Blizz is sure he knows exactly who she means and will be tagging along for the ride.
  • New Pack Opening Experience!This new experience enhances the way you open packs, store, and acces your items. Read more about this feature in our Community Blog.
  • Collections Improvement!Collections has seen a slight re-organization! For ease of use, Collections now has several helpful subcategories to help you quickly find a weapon type or creature mount. Companions now have their own Collection category.
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Game Update 4.7 Mined

A look at the changes and new Cartel Market items in 4.7. Please note that this is nota compete list of all changes in the patch and is my own personal interpretation of the data.

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New Pack Opening Experience

With the launch of Game Update 4.7 we are introducing a new feature which will enhance the pack opening experience for all packs. This improves the visual experience of opening packs while ensuring that the process remains a quick one. There are two components of this new feature, the Pack Viewer and the Item Stash.

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SWTOR Celebration 2016 Cantina Code and Speeder

Codes from the 2016 SWTOR Celebration were released that will give you a Korrealis Reagent speeder.

To redeem the speeder, go to your SWTOR.com profile's Code Redemption section and enter the code CelebrationCantina16.

If you are currently logged into the game, you will need to log out and log back in to receive the speeder in the mail.

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Dark vs. Light Takes Over the Star Wars: The Old Republic Galaxy

The battle between the dark side and light side of the Force? grows stronger in Star Wars?: The Old Republic?. Today, BioWare and Lucasfilm reveal details of a new in-game event where players take on exciting challenges in the fight for control of the galaxy. The summer-long event begins June 28th and is open to Star Wars: The Old Republic players* interested in earning legendary rewards and changing the fate of the galaxy:

  • Start a new character, choose a side and join the battle!
  • Earn epic new rewards including the formidable Victor's Titan Turret Tank, Victorious Pioneer's Armor Set which gives +50% XP Boost and Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs stocked with dark and light side themed items.
  • Your choices make the dark or light side grow stronger and determines which Companion reward is unlocked for players who complete the Eternal Level ? either the merciless Darth Hexid Companion (dark side) or the valiant Master Ranos Companion (light side).

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Game Update 4.6a Patch Notes

Originally Posted by swtor.com ( Original Post ) | 07.05.2016


  • Increased the maximum number of Character Slots per server for Free-To-Play, Preferred, and Subscriber Players to 22/26/50 slots respectively.
  • Color Crystals obtained from the Force-Bound Dark vs. Light boxes are now unlocked in Collections as intended.
  • It is now possible to unlock the 6th Cargo Bay Tab with the Account Unlock option.

Cartel Market

  • The Grand Chance Cubes will no longer drop invalid items.
  • The Bogstalker Handler’s License can now be used by players who have a Ginx Companion.

Items + Economy

  • The Victorious Pioneer’s 5-Piece Set Bonus now properly applies its Experience boost. Additionally, there is no longer a status icon indicating your Set Bonus related Experience gain.
  • Jawa Junk stacks now always drop at the max quantity possible:
    • Scrap: Scavenged Scrap (Green) – 15 per stack
    • Scrap: Assorted Droid Parts (Blue) – 10 per stack
    • Scrap: Jawa Junk (Purple) – 3 per stack

Missions + NPCs

  • Players can no longer become unable to progress in Chapter 15 due to making certain conversation choices.


  • Players are no longer be killed randomly in Alliance Proving Grounds.
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Game Update 4.6: The GEMINI Deception Patch Notes

Originally Posted by swtor.com ( Original Post ) | 06.28.2016


Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception! Lead a daring assault on one of Arcann’s warships in a bid to seize control of the entire Eternal Fleet! Players subscribed on June 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other Subscribers on June 30th.
New Event: Dark vs. Light! Join a galactic event and choose between the dark side and the light side to earn epic rewards in celebration of SWTOR’s 5-year anniversary!
New Character Perks! Portable Cargo Hold, Portable Legacy Cargo Hold, and Companion Gift use time reduction – see below for full details!
Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: The Relics of the Gree Event is back! From June 28th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST to July 5th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST, Black Bisectors are called upon to lend a hand!
Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins July 12th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST and ends July 19th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST.

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