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Here is our coverage of Bioware's official Livestream held on 8/26/2015 as a makeup for their PAX Prime cantina event being canceled. Crafting info in 4.0 will not be covered in tonight's stream, but you can read more about the changes here. As usual, there were cartel coin stream giveaways with an additional shareable link for the Prinawe Aggregate mount.

You can re-watch the stream here: Part 1 | Part 2

Bioware's Official wrap-up post: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=8407848#edit8407848

Livestream Notes


  • Eric Musco, Michael Backus, Ben Scott presenting
  • http://www.swtor.com/user/ce/26nqz2 - PAX Cantina Code linked (Prinawe Aggregate)
  • The Pax Prime event in Seattle was canceled so the devs could stay in studio and stay on target for release.
  • The new "Influence" stat was demonstrated (replacement for Affection) for companions. Influence was gained with Lana when they made a mission choice.
  • They are using a special dev item called "Instant Death Device" that instantly kills it's targets to move faster through the story (won't be in game).
  • Lots of freezing/lag issues on the stream - it went down for about 10 minutes and broke the mission they were running on the dev shard.
  • After the release of KOTFE, they will be taking "a little break" until after Battlefront and The Force Awakens are released before picking up after chapter 9 with new chapters (season 2).
  • All companions can do any role now (Heals, Tank, DPS)


  • The Eternal Empire has attacked, what is left of the Republic and Empire have been all but defeated. Many years have passed.
  • The devs proceeded to show Chapter 3 from the perspective of a Jedi Guardian.
  • The opening cutscene of KOTFE was shown, in which Lana Beniko awakens you from being frozen in carbonite. T7-01 is with her and recognizes you. Several skytroopers arrive and attack.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire is "about why you are special, and what is this new threat?"
  • "Choices matter" - Example shown is choosing to destroy the "Sun Generator" on Zakuul or not. Zakuul is the capital of the Eternal Empire.
  • Your character is stopped by the Knights of Zakuul, a sort of military police. They are powerful force users.
  • They playthrough a storyline boss battle against Tanek and ? - it ends in you deciding to let him go (light side) or kill him (dark side). This will effect later chapters in which his partner may come back to hunt him down if you let him live.
  • You encounter Vaylin but right before you engage her HK-55 and Koth show up in a ship and rescue you. T7-01 stays back and disables the anti-aircraft guns to help you escape.
  • There will be a lot of epic cinematics in KOTFE.
  • The stream ended with a cinematic from Chapter 1 in which Kira Carsen leaves the Outlander (Jedi Guardian) behind in Darth Marr's crashing capital ship (cinematic ends with Darth Marr directing the Outlander).


  • There are a number of companions brand new to the cast of characters. The first revealed is Lana Beniko, a full "follower" (followers are like pre-4.0 companions).
  • Others that have a part in chapter 3 are T7-01, HK-55, and Koth Vortena.


Q: When KOTFE comes out, what is the timelapse that happens? What happens to all my companions?

A: 5 years have lapsed - Characters you've romanced, married, or traveled, these characters you'll encounter in the new story and will see what happened to them. Some may even rejoin you as you go. If you truly truly love one companion from before, you can bring them back right away using a terminal. We are not taking any away.

Q: Is all my previous companion affection going to be lost? What happens to it in KOTFE?

A: We call all of those options from pre-KOTFE "variables," and they all have an effect in KOTFE. Your previous efforts won't be lost.

Q: Mechanics, mechanics. Combat ability of companions - what are some of the biggest changes made to companions' roles?

A: We noticed players often love cerrtain companions, but were forced into using specific tank, heals, etc. companions. In KOTFE, companions can be all three roles, Heals, Tank, or DPS.

Q: What about gear?

A: We untied gear from companions. We kept the visuals so you can still customize companion appearance. If you haven't used T7-01 for 30 levels, you can bring him out and not worry anymore about him being undergeared because companion stats are now based on Influence. All gear currently equipped will be automatically returned to you.


KOTFE Livestream

TL;DR - They didn't show anything we didn't already know.

Everything we know about Game Update 4.0: Knights of the Fallen Empire so far: https://torcommunity.com/database/update-previews

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