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Ord Mantell Achievements Guide

Ord Mantell is the starter planet for Smuggler and Trooper characters. There are several achievements that require players to be a Smuggler or Trooper to obtain them. Following this guide will award you with all of the achievements on Ord Mantell.

Quick Info

Total Points: 255
Total Cartel Coins: 40
Bestiary Codex: 3
Datacrons: 3
Heroic Enemies: 4
Heroic Missions: 3
Loremaster Codex: 4

Location Map

Beastmaster of Ord Mantell

Datacron Master of Ord Mantell

There are three datacrons located on Ord Mantell. These datacrons are Aim +2, Presence +2, and a Red Matrix Shard.

Droid Reconnaissance: Ord Mantell

Hero of Ord Mantell

Hero of Ord Mantell requires that players complete 3 heroic missions. All 3 of these missions are located at Savrip Island, making them quick to complete at one location.

Liberator of Ord Mantell

Liberator of Ord Mantell requires players to defeat 4 unique elite enemies located on Ord Mantell.

Loremaster of Ord Mantell

To complete Loremaster of Ord Mantell, players must find all 4 lore objects on Ord Mantell. A Smuggler or Trooper are required for the lore objects of 3 of these lore objects, as they are awarded through missions only available to those classes.

Refugees of War
  • This lore object is located just outside of the walls of Fort Garnik.

Ruled By Corruption
  • On the road between Fort Garnik and Oradam Village is a small camp of troopers. Here you will get the mission, Republic Roulette: Questionable Ethics. This codex is rewarded at the end, but you MUST select the Light Side choice.

Split by Rebellion
  • Rewarded at the end of the Victims of War mission. This mission starts at Lieutenant Xorem in Fort Garnik.

Underworld Influences
  • Rewarded at the end of the Buying Loyalty mission. This mission starts at Gizmel in Oradam Village. To receive this codex, you MUST select the Light Side choice when you find the droid on Savrip Island during the mission.


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