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Conquest Battlemaster/Commander Locations Guide

There are various level 60 named Commanders and Veteran Battlemasters that spawn in specific locations on specific planets (one per faction per planet). Killing a named Commander or Veteran Battlemaster will give each member of your group a Command, Engineering, or Logistical Encryption (up to 12 per Commander/Veteran Battlemaster). Veteran Battlemasters also have a chance of dropping one Command, Engineering, or Logistical Framework, while named Commanders are guaranteed to drop one of them.

You'll need a group of around 3-4 players to kill a Veteran Battlemaster and 7-8 players to kill a named Commander.

Veteran Battlemasters have 839,340 HP and named Commanders have 5,117,842 HP. Only one will be "up" at a particular location at a given time, so you'll see one or the other, or none at all (if one was recently killed).

Named Commanders have an additional mechanic in which a 6-hour "Planetary Shield" buff on them will prevent all damage while active. To remove the shield, you must wait for the buff to run out, or you can use a Flagship: Starfighter Flyby (if your guild currently has control of the planet) to remove it immediately.


Alderaan - Republic

King's Pass - House Traders Circle
X: 2898, Y: 548
Named Commander: Master Reodan Qan

Alderaan - Empire

The Juran Mountains - Outpost Talarn
X: 1815, Y: 769
Named Commander: Lord Xheoch Den


Belsavis - Republic

High Security Section - Republic Watchtower
X: -128, Y: 619
Named Commander: Master Daxarn

Belsavis - Empire

High Security Section - Imperial Command Post
X: -121, Y: 1636
Named Commander: Lord Chanigresh


Corellia - Republic

Government District - Uptown
X: 3542, Y: -2548
Named Commander: Master Qella'tak

Corellia - Empire

Government District - Business Sector
X: 3029, Y: -1157
Named Commander: Lord Doshcra Vael


Hoth - Republic

The Starship Graveyard - Outpost Zerek
X: 1144, Y: -339
Named Commander: Master Rorkys Hesh

Hoth - Empire

The Starship Graveyard - Frostwake Outpost
X: 1098, Y: 499
Named Commander: Lord Toreshi Xach


Ilum - Republic

Eastern Ice Shelf - Republic Base Camp
X: 459, Y: 571
Named Commander: Master Sarissa Ven

Ilum - Empire

Eastern Ice Shelf - Imperial Waystation
X: -252, Y: -205
Named Commander: Lord Feldrax Kar


Quesh - Republic

Republic Operational Headquarters
X: 738, Y: 90
Named Commander: Master Eraski Ven

Quesh - Empire

Imperial Garrison
X: 181, Y: 1580
Named Commander: Lord Xoc'dal


Tatooine - Republic

The Dune Sea - Outpost Thorazan
X: -1125, Y: -1288
Named Commander: Master Utnesi Wesk

Tatooine - Empire

The Dune Sea - Outpost Zaroshe
X: -625, Y: -500
Named Commander: Lord Djanistak


Voss - Republic

The Pelath-Ri Marches - Kri-Ta Outpost
X: 637, Y: -1314
Named Commander: Master Talena Ancia

Voss - Empire

The Pelath-Ri Marches - Outpost Overseer
X: -502 , Y: -1443
Named Commander: Lord Sendesh Xaq

Yavin 4

Yavin 4 - Republic

Verdant Swamp - Forward Camp Speeder
X: 2864, Y: 981
Named Commander: Master Athleenia Dannuz

Yavin 4 - Empire

Prowler's Trail - Forward Camp Speeder
X: 2876, Y: 218
Named Commander: Lord Xarovit Tovar

Note: The Republic Battlemaster/Commander is only killable by Empire players, and vice versa.

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