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Contractor's / Freelancer's Bounty Pack

A gallery of all items found in the Freelancer's / Contractor Bounty Cartel Packs.

Freelancer's / Contractor's Bounty Cartel Pack


Darth Scion Armor

RV-03 Speedsuit

Concealed Body Suit

Mandalore the Preserver

Dynamic Vandal Armor

Voltaic Vandal Armor

Series 505 Cybernetic Armor

Potent Combatant Armor

Energetic Combatant Armor

Ceremonial Headdress

Sacramental Headdress

Minimalist Gladiator Chestguard

Unfettered Trench Coat

Frogdog Practice Jersey

Rotworm Practice Jersey


CD-33 Blaster Rifle

MR-36 Smiper Rifle

JM-27 Assault Cannon

Vicious Assailant Dual Saber

AD-11 Heavy Blaster

Vicious Assailant Saber


Morlinger Aggressor

Orlean Patriot

Woodland Varactyl

Gurian Emerald

Hyrotti Racer

Meirm Bullfrog

Meirm Dark Wolf

Meirm Bandingo


E2-M3 Astromech Droid

Model D5-Mantis

Model Defender

Rock Lisk

Jungle Lisk

Swamp Lisk

Skull-Faced Lobel

Chocolate Lobel



Emote: Chair 1

Emote: Chair 2

Emote: Chicken

Emote: The Droid

Emote: Heel Click


Title: Freelancer

Title: Bounty Collector

Armor Dyes

Dark Purple - Black

Deep Gray - Black

Light Gray - Deep Blue

Color Crystal

Blood Red Crystal

Hot Orange Crystal

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