Lance Squadron Commander World Boss Guide (Yavin 4)


The Lance Squadron Commander is a world boss found in a Heroic Area on Yavin IV.



Boss Immunity

Basic Attack Binäre Optionen Preismanipulation Description: Gun fire from walker
binary options financial trading school Style: Single-target
binary options or forex Application: Instant
binary options based in usa Timing: Repeats every 2 seconds in clusters of 5 before pausing
binary options arbitrage strategy Damage Output: 2k-4k on DPS / healer binary options renko strategy Damage Sub-divisions: 1 hit
Effects: Can overlap other attacks (i.e. off the global cooldown)

High Impact Bolt

Description: Knockback bolt fires from walker
Style: Single-target
Application: 1.5 second cast, then instant
Timing: Repeats every 17 seconds
Damage Output: 9k-12k on DPS / healer
Damage Sub-divisions: 1 hit
Effects: 30 meter knockback

High Energy Beam

Description: Armor melting laser beam fires from walker
Style: Single-target tracking + 10 meter diameter marked AoE centered on the primary target
Application: 6 second channel
Timing: Repeats every 30 seconds
Damage Output: 2k-6k per tick (24k-72k total, if full channel) on DPS / healer
Damage Sub-divisions: Ticks every 0.5 seconds during channel
Damage Type: Energy
Effects: Each tick applies 1 stack of "Melted Armor" debuff (uncleansable) to the primary target and any player in the AoE. Melted Armor stacks up to 10 times and reduces armor by 10% per stack. Debuff falls off in 10 seconds.

Explosive Charge

Description: Explosive charge drops from bottom of walker and lands on ground between its feet
Style: 10 meter diameter marked AoE
Application: Instant drop, then 7.5 second invisible cast before instant explosion
Timing: Repeats every 15 seconds. Will be delayed by High Impact Bolt and High Energy Beam. Cannot appear with Poisoned.
Damage Output: 11k-15k on DPS / healer
Damage Sub-divisions: 1 hit
Damage Type: Kinetic
Effects: None.


Description: Grenade drops from bottom of walker and lands on ground between its feet creating poison cloud when it explodes
Style: 5 meter diameter unmarked AoE (the AoE range is subtly shown when the grenade hits the ground)
Application: Instant drop, then 2 second invisible cast before instant explosion leaving 1.5 second DoT applying poison cloud
Timing: Repeats every 17 seconds. Cannot appear with Explosive Charge.
Damage Output: 8k-12k per DoT tick (40k-60k, if not cleansed) on DPS / healer
Damage Sub-divisions: Ticks every 1 second during debuff
Damage Type: Internal
Effects: Touching the poison cloud applies a Poisoned DoT (cleansable) to the player. DoT lasts for 5 seconds.

Cluster Rockets

Description: Multiple homing rockets fire from walker at all players
Style: Group-wide
Application: Instant
Timing: Repeats every 20-22 seconds
Damage Output: 5k-8k per person
Damage Sub-divisions: 5 hits
Damage Type: Energy
Effects: None.

Orbital Missile Battery

Description: Yellow targeting circles randomly scan platform to locate players. When a player is located by touching the targeting circle, an Air Strike is called in centered on their location.
Style: 10 meter diameter marked AoE targeting circles, 10 meter diameter marked AoE Air Strike
Application: Roaming AoE targeting, then instant Air Strike marker with 1.5 second invisible cast before instant AoE explosion
Timing: Constant, five targeting circles are always present. If one targeting circle locates a player, it is replaced by an Air Stirke. After Air Strike is completed, the used targeting circle instantly respawns.
Damage Output: 8k-12k
Damage Sub-divisions: 1 hit
Damage Type: Kinetic
Effects: 30 meter knockback to any player hit by Air Strike.

Emergency Assault Protocols

Description: Soft-enrage through stacking buff to walker
Style: Buff
Application: Instant
Timing: Applied at 6 minutes, stacks every 3 seconds
Effects: Stacking buff that increases damage output by 10% per stack to a maximum of 200% (i.e. 20 stacks applied over 1 minute)



With 10 million hit points and a six minute soft enrage timer, this is fight for a large group of players, likely 24. Based on the mechanics, damage output and the fact that this encounter does not take place in a phase, the Lance Squadron Command Unit should be viewed as a new 10-Stack Dreadtooth for decently geared Level 60 players.

Suggested group composition is two tanks, six to eight healers, and at least ten DPS.

The battle with the Lance Squadron Command Unit takes place on a platform overlooking a ravine. The platform is open on three sides and anyone knocked off the platform and into the ravine will be instantly killed.

All Roles

The Orbital Missile Battery and its five roaming targeting circles are active for the entire fight. It is important to not touch the targeting circles to avoid Air Strikes being called in that could hit you, or another group member. It is critical that if you are in an Air Strike, you immediately move out of it as the 30 meter knockback can easily throw you off the platform to your death in the ravine.

No player should ever be within 5 meters of the space between the walker's feet. All damage from Poisoned and Explosive Charge can be avoided by keeping a safe distance.


The walker should be tanked so its back is to the ravine. This protects the tanks from being knocked off when they receive the knockback from High Impact Bolt.

The walker does not have a standard cleave. Rather, the AoE effect that surrounds the tank receiving High Energy Beam means that no one should be standing within 5 meters of the tank that the walker is aggroed on.

A taunt swap is performed after one tank receives 10 stacks of Melted Armor from the High Energy Beam. This is not mandatory, as a tank can be healed though 10 seconds of 0% armor, but it’s helpful to the healers to perform the swap.


Special attention should be paid to the tank the walker is aggroed on, especially when they are receiving Melted Armor stacks from the High Energy Beam, and as they are waiting for their 10 Melted Armor stacks to fall off, as they have 0% armor during that time.

The Poisoned DoT ticks very hard over its five second life. It should be immediately cleansed from any player that picks it up.

Periodic group-wide damage occurs from the Cluster Rockets which can be easily recovered through HoTs.

The soft-enrage can be healed though, even when damage output is increased by 200%. Players being hit by Explosive Charge or Poisoned will likely be almost instantly killed.


The Orbital Missile Battery is active for the entire fight. DPS numbers will be lower than what players are typically used to achieving due to the frequent movement that is required to avoid being targeted by the Battery, or to move out of any Air Strikes that players find themselves in.

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