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Corruption Sith Sorcerer 4.0 Class Guide (PvE & PvP)

Sorcerer - Corruption - PvE

Suggested Utility Skills

Icon Name Description
Force Suffusion Overload heals you and up to 7 affected allies.
Empty Body Increases all healing recieved by 10%.
Sith Defiance Increases damage reduction by 3%
Dark Resilience Reduces the health spent by Consumption
Lightning Barrier Increase the amount absorbed by your Static Barrier by 10%.
Force Mobility Innervate may be activated while moving.
Corrupted Barrier Your Static Barrier, Force Barrier, and [Enduring Bastion] heal you for 2% of your total health every second for as long as they last. This healing scales up to 8% with the charges for [Enduring Bastion].

Gear Stats

Stat Priority

Name Desription
Critical Should equal or just above 25% (this is so you can make sure to proc your Force Surge)
Surge 75% for optimization
Power Use after critical requirement is met
Alacrity Use after surge requirement is met
Accuracy This stat is not required for healing.
Augments Mainstat or Power (mainstat has slightly more crit, power slightly more healing power they balance pretty evenly)

Set Bonus

Pieces Desription
2 Activating a healing ability has a 15% chance to grant Force-Mystic's Critical Bonus which causes your next
Dark Infusion to be a critical. This effect can only occur once every 30sec.
4 Consumption no longer removes any health when used with a stack of Force Surge.
6 Reduces the cooldown of Innervate by 1.5 sec.


Healer Abilities are very situational. I provided a list of the most used abilitites and when to use them.
Icon Name Desription
Static Barrier Use as much as possible *Keep in mind dps sorcs can spec into healing themselves with their Static Barrier so you dont want to buff them if they are using their own.
Roaming Mend Cast on tank whenever cooldown is up. This ability casts a heal that will jump to up to 4 players in range healing them as they take damage.
Resurgence On tanks always to get armor buff.
Innervate Channel when heals needed. Best used after Resurgence to obtain stacks of Force Surge
Overload AOE heal anytime cooldown is up. Must be careful of the knockback, but this is very useful on boss fights who are immune to the knockback and it costs very little force power.
Unnatural Preservation Self heal as needed.
Revivication Puddle heal has changed a bit now to reap the benefits players just need to pass through the puddle and the heals will keep ticking after they leave. Cast time depends on stacks of Force Surge.
Dark Infusion Large heal, useful if proc is up.
Dark Heal Small heal, useful if proc is up.
Polarity Shift When up or save for during certain time in fight. (2min cooldown) Increased Alacrity.
Recklessness When up or save for during certain time in fight. (1:30 min cooldown) Increases crit.
Force Barrier Use on self in emergency. Depending on the length of the use of your Force Barrier cast channel you will also recieve stacks of [Enduring Bastion] buff which will add a small extra shield to you after the main bubble is gone.
Expunge Unfortuntely I put this near the end of the list with 3.0. Most items we used to be able to cleanse are no longer so, plus the addition of the longer cooldown timer make this ability only useful at specific times.
Unlimited Power This is the Sorc's new "bloodthirst" type ability. It can only be used by one Sorc per fight. Increases main stats by 10%
Consumption Regenerate your force power, at 60 not used as much as prior to 3.0 Use when you have stacks of
Force Surge to reduce the health cost.
Reanimation Revive a dead player during the fight. (5min Cooldown)
Proc - Force Surge Receive one stack each time you crit, up to 3 stacks. This reduces the cast time and cost of
Proc - Force Bending Cast Resurgence to receive. Will buff the following abilites depending on what you chose to do next. Dark Heal +60% crit, Dark Infusion .5sec less activation time, Innervate +25% crit,
Revivication 30% less force cost, Roaming Mend Immediately heal player not waiting for damage taken.


Tank Healing

Before the fight starts make sure you have as many players bubbled Static Barrier as possible and add Roaming Mend to the main tank. Througout the fight these two abilities should be refreshed on the tank taking the most damage continuously. As the tanks start to take damage make sure to keep your dot Resurgence on the tanks to give them the armor buff and add Innervate as they take damage.

Make sure to use Resurgence prior to any other heals to recieve buffs from the proc Force Bending to other heals.

Your small Dark Heal and large heal Dark Infusion can still be used, but with the additon of Roaming Mend I find myself using them infrequently. When you do use them make sure you cast Resurgence so your proc is up of Force Bending

Raid Healing

After your initial rotation, place down a puddle Revivication, and continue to place bubbles Static Barrier on the dps since force power management is not a major concern at level 60. The players can run through the puddle now and keep moving. It is no longer necessary to continue standing inside the puddle to receive heals. You still want to cast Innervate prior to your puddle
Force Surge to get the instant cast for having 3 stacks of Revivication. If the group is not moving much feel free to
Overload (beware knockback).

Further on in fight you may ocassionaly want to cast Roaming Mend directly after the Resugence. This will cause Roaming Mend to automatically heal the players not waiting for damage. This is useful when the entire raid group is in need of heals.

Consumption can be use when you have stacks of Force Surge to regenerate you Force Power, but with 3.0 it is no longer a major ability in the rotation.

Remember your emergency abilities and cooldowns for special occasions when the tanks may be taking high damage or healer aggro may be an issue due to adds spawning.

Misc. Items

Icon Name Desription
Advanced Anodyne Resolve Stim Willpower 198 + Power 81 for 480min
Advanced Anodyne Triage Adrenal Increases Power by 750 and reduced dps by 20% 15sec
Advanced Anodyne Med Pack 7535-7892 Health + 287 health over 15s

Advanced Tactics

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