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Delegate's SWTOR Caster

SWTOR Caster is a SWTOR ability logger for streamers using the built-in combat log system. Whenever you use an ability, it reads it from the combat log and allows you to display it as an icon + text in OBS or your streaming software of choice.


SWTOR Caster uses the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.. If you're on Windows 8 or 10, you will most likely already have this installed. However the setup should also take care of this for you.

Windows 7 Users using OBS, will need to ensure Aero theme is enabled, otherwise you cannot use SWTOR Caster as a Window source.

* Windows Smartscreen
Windows will give a warning because I'm an unknown Author. I'm not paying £200-500 for an application certificate to verify who I am to remove the warning. Just click more info and then select 'Run anyway' (Same as with users who might have used Parsec)

Please consider using Delegate's SWTOR referral link as a way to say thanks!

Here are some streamers who use SWTOR Caster:

Here are some reasons to give SWTOR Caster a try

  • Add some difference from other streamers and stand out from the rest.
  • Viewers can learn class rotation with being able to see the abilities you use and in what order.
  • Great for PvP to show off some of those skills.
  • People might ask what your opener is on an enemy, but now they can see it clearly.
  • You can hide the ability text for a minimalist look.
  • Shows with most "activated" abilities (Medpacks, Mounting, Combat etc...)
  • Customize image borders per ability, e.g border defensives with a blue, offensives red maybe.
  • Supports sound event triggers on Ability Activate, Death, Kill (but still a work in progress)

Enable SWTOR Combat Log

Be sure to enable the combat log file. SWTOR Caster reads this file like other third party DPS/HPS Parsers.

Client Settings

Settings Window

Settings Window

Sound Settings

  • Pick any mp3 audio file to play when an event occurs
  • The ability can be used to play sounds (copy from ability logger window)
  • Action buttons to test/play/stop as a sound board if you want to manually play them
Settings Window

Ability Settings

  • Pick a custom ability image. (e.g Operative roll is pretty troll..)
  • Aliases allow you to change the TEXT that is shown in the ability window
  • Aliases are a list, the ability window will pick a random alias each time
  • Border certain abilities to signify their use (AOE, Stuns, CC breaks etc)
Settings Window

Main Window

Main Window

Logger Window

User Control Panel

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