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Club Vertica's Nightlife Pack

A gallery of the Club Vertica's Nightlife Pack.


Agile Reconnaissance Armor Set

Temple Guardian Armor Set

Mandalorian Clansman Armor Set

Remulus Drepya Armor Set

Karness Muur Armor Set

Rohlan Dyre Armor Set

Shrewd Rascal Armor Set

Unbreakable Veteran Armor Set


Etched Dueler's Lightsaber

Etched Dueler's Saberstaff

WL-29 Blaster Pistol

WL-29 Blaster Rifle

WL-29 Sniper Rifle

WL-29 Assault Cannon


Ando AR-6

Droid Officer Transport

Marsh Raptor

FR-ST Walker

Tion SY-4

Vectron JM-13 Torrens


Model: FT-2 Quell

Model: Sledgehammer

Model: Experimental Sandcrawler

Hooded Blurrg


Imperial Cyan Engine Reactant

Imperial Black-Orange Gas Canister

Imperial Crimson-Gray Color Module

Imperial Dark Green-Green Color Module

GI-06 Imperial Gunship Paint Job

FI-05 Imperial Strike Fighter Paint Job

Republic Orange Engine Reactant

Republic Black-Light Blue Gas Canister

Republic Light Orange-Yellow Color Module

Republic Light Tan-Burnt Orange Color Module

GR-07 Republic Gunship Paint Job

FR-05 Republic Stroke Fighter Paint Job


2V-R8 Customization Crimson

Treek Customization 4



Emote: Faint

Emote: Out of Breath

Emote: Tihaar Dance


Chance Cube


Armor Dyes & Crystals

Yellow Core Crystal

Dark Brown-Light Orange Dye Module

Deep Gray-Pale Brown Dye Module

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