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Gatekeeper's / Builder's Pack

A gallery of all items found in the Gatekeeper's(Builder) Stronghold Pack.

Gatekeeper's(Builder) Stronghold Pack


Advanced Slicer

Series 614 Cybernetic

Exar Kun

Malak Shadow

Mantellian Privateer


Satele Shan


Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Aurek

Antique Socorro Blaster Aurek

Antique Socorro Saberstaff Aurek

Antique Socorro Blaster Rifle Aurek

Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Aurek

Antique Socorro Lightsaber Aurek


Canyon Bantha

Fawn Orobird

Hyrotti YH-99

Irakie Hawk

Tirsa Victor

Tobus Cruiser

Walkhar Auspice


Carbonite-Frozen Kowakian Monkey-lizard

Imperial LE-34 Miniprobe

Model SGS-S1 Condor


Arrangement: Executive’s Lounge

Arrangement: Underworld Bar

Banner: House Rist

Carbonite Bounty (Slicer)

Corporate Lobby Rug

Czerka Ceiling Light

Czerka Caf Table

Czerka Corner Office Desk

Executive’s Loveseat

Flag: House Rist

Grand Statue of the Emperor

Gree Sphere Lamp

Holographic Tree (Blue)

Holo Sign: Bith Musician

Imperial Voss Embassy Sign

Jukebox: Underworld Classics

Justicar Propaganda: Every Blaster Counts

Kolto Barrel

Office Chair

Oriconian Standing Torch

Planter: Oriconian Stalk

Republic Voss Embassy Sign

Selkath Chair

Selkath Console

Selkath Couch

Selkath Kolto Tank

Small Statue of Ancient Horror

Starship: Republic Striker

Statue of the Spearman

Tuk’ata Research Table

Stronghold Label: Vacation Retreat


Ashara Customization 4



Emote: Clawbird

Emote: Whats Up2

Regen Items

Vending Machine


Title: Galactic Warden

Title: Gatekeeper

Dye Colors

Black-Medium Orange

White-Medium Gray

Crystal Colors

Blue Outline

Gold Core

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