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Sniper Rifles

Rifle Styles

4.0 Rifles

Exarch / Ultimate Exarch Sniper Rifle

Exemplar Sniper Rifle


Defiant Sniper Rifle MK-5

Odessen Sniper Rifle

Outlander Sniper Rifle

Defiant Sniper Rifle MK-1

Cynosure Sniper Rifle

3.0 Rifles

Raider's Cove Targeter's S.R.

Rishi Story Missions

Sky Ridge Targeter's S.R.

Rishi Story Missions

Trimantium S.R.

Armstech Crew Skill

Stronghold Defender's S.R.

Binary Star Reality Reputation Vendor

Kingpin's Sniper Rifle

Festival of Splendor

BL-28 Sniper Rifle

Star Cluster Nightlife Pack

WL-29 Sniper Rifle

Star Cluster Nightlife Pack

Revanite Field Tech's S.R.

Operation: The Ravagers (HM) / Operation: Temple of Sacrifice (HM)

Dark Reaver Profesional's S.R.

3,500 Ranked Warzone Commendations

Czerka CZX-4 Sniper Rifle

500 Cartel Coins

Exhumed Professional's S.R.

1,250 Warzone Commendations

Resurrected Field Tech's S.R.

Armstech Crew Skill, Operation: The Ravagers (SM) / Operation: Temple of Sacrifice (SM)

DS-8 Starforged S.R.

Pilgrim's / Initiate's Shadow Packs

DS-9 Starforged S.R.

Acolyte's Shadow Pack

DS-10 Starforged S.R.

Apprentice's Shadow Pack

DS-11 Starforged S.R.

Master's Shadow Pack

Swashbuckler's Sniper Rifle

Season 4 PvP Reward


Esstran Imports

PW-12 Plasma Core Sniper Rifle

Deep Core/Core World Explorer's Pack

PW-15 XT Plasma Core Sniper Rifle

Mid Rim Explorer's Pack

PW-3 ST Sniper Rifle

Outer Rim Explorer's Pack

PW-8 Plasma Sniper Rifle

Deep Space Explorer's Pack

Gladatorial Sniper Rifle

Season 5 PvP Reward

Predacious Sniper Rifle

Season 6 PvP - 20,000 Tokens

Older Rifles

V-311 Rotary Sniper

900 Warzone Commendations

Athiss Deadeye Exterminator
Imperial Officers S.R.

Flashpoint: Athiss, 900 Warzone Commendations

X-115 Military Ripper

Alderaan, Tatooine - 11,800 credits

Bantha Sharpshooter

Tatooine Bonus Series

C-115 Wraith Disruptor

Heroic 4: Highway to Destruction
Taris (X: 744, Y: 288)

Custom-built Sniper Rifle

Armstech Crew Skill

N-300 Night Hunter S.R.
N-300 Bantha Sniper

900 Warzone Commendations, Unknown

M-110 Pulse-Wave Disruptor

Imperial Agent Class Story:
Shadow of the Dark Lord

Hammer Deadeye's Exterminator

Flashpoint: Hammer Station

Laser Disruptor

Area 4: Medical Advancement
Hoth (X: 2255, Y: -398)

K-406 Combat Ripper

900 Warzone Commendations

Camoflauged Sniper

Armstech Crew Skill

Red Reaper Sniper Rifle

Flashpoint: The Red Reaper

Campaign Field Tech SR

Armstech Crew Skill

Clan Varad Elite Marksman Sniper

Flashpoint: Mandalorian Raiders

J-21 Rotary Sniper Rifle

Call to Arms (Flashpoint: Boarding Party)

Tral-tech Sniper Rifle

Flashpoint: Boarding Party

E-205 Heavy Repeating Infiltrator

14 Basic Commendations

Elegant Modified Sniper Rifle

Armstech Crew Skill

Colicoid Stealth-X Sniper

Flashpoint: Colicoid War Games

X-300 Fusion-X Sharpshooter

14 Basic Commendations

Ten Kilometer Killer (I)

Imperial Armstech Crew Skill

Ten Kilometer Killer (R)

Republic Armstech Crew Skill

Black Talon Deadeye Exterminator

Flashpoint: The Black Talon

Assassin's Touch

Event Vendor

Elite Assassin's Bowcaster
Precision Bowcaster

Bounty Brokers' Event, Event Vendor

Assassin's Bowcaster

Bounty Brokers' Event

H-316 Bantha Sharpshooter

900 Warzone Commendations

X-415 Spec Ops Sharpshooter

14 Basic Commendations

Dread Guard Field Tech S.R.
Gray Helix S.R.

Armstech Crew Skill, HM/NiM Explosive Conflict
Relics of the Gree Event

Tac-HUD Heavy Sniper Rifle

Blockade Runner's Cartel Pack

N-415 Heavy Infiltrator

Champion: Rock Eater
Voss (X: -429, Y: -1987)

Cademimu Marksman Eliminator

Flashpoint: Cademimu

R-55 Searing Disruptor

Imperial Agent Class Story: Defender of the Empire

Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle

Crime Lord/Black Market Pack

Tarisan Head Hunter (Aurek)

Armstech Crew Skill, Operation: Scum and Villany (HM)
Enforcer's / Regulator's Contraband Pack

Tarisian Headhunter (Besh)

Vice Commandant's Contraband Pack

Tarisian Headhunter (Grek)

Vice Commandant's Contraband Pack

Kell Dragon Field Tech S.R.

Operation: Scum and Villany (NiM)

MR-36 Sniper Rifle

Freelancer's / Contractor's Bounty Pack

MR-37 Sniper Rifle

Pursuer's Bounty Pack

MR-38 Sniper Rifle

Tracker's Bounty Pack

MR-39 Sniper Rifle

Opportunist's Bounty Pack

Dread Forged Field Tech S.R.

Armstech Crew Skill, Operation: The Dread Palace (HM)

Dread Master Professional's S.R.

Operation: The Dread Palace (NiM), Operation: The Dread Fortress (NiM)

Interstellar Regulator's (Aurek)

Dogfighter's / Wingman's Starfighter Packs

Interstellar Regulator's (Besh)

Galactic Ace's Starfighter Pack

Interstellar Regulator's (Cresh)

Space Jockey's Starfighter Pack

Interstellar Regulator's (Dorne)

Hotshot's Starfighter Pack

Outbreak Response Sniper Rifle

Rakghoul Resurgence Event

Primordial Sniper Rifle

Archon's Contraband Pack

Primordial Sniper Rifle (Besh)

Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack

Primordial Sniper Rifle (Grek)

Bounty Supply Reputation Vendor

Antique Socorro (Aurek)

Gatekeeper's Stronghold Pack

Antique Socorro (Cresh)

Seneschal's Stronghold Pack

Antique Socorro (Besh)

Constable's Stronghold Pack

Antique Socorro (Dorn)

Architect's Stronghold Pack

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