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Seneschal's Stronghold Pack

A gallery of all items found in the Seneschal's Stronghold Pack.

Seneschal's Stronghold Pack


Series 616 Cybernetic

Feral Visonary

Mandalore the Indomitable

Relaxed Tracksuit

Resolute Protector


Vrook Lamar


Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Cresh

Antique Socorro Blaster Cresh

Antique Socorro Saberstaff Cresh

Antique Socorro Blaster Rifle Cresh

Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Cresh

Antique Socorro Lightsaber Cresh


Ikas XK-13

Rark K-21X

Tirsa Paramount

Tobus Alderaan Cruiser

Caravan Uxibeast

Walkhar Prophecy


Czerka EW-94 Miniprobe

Model Spearpoint


Altar of Skulls

Arrangement: Tribal Campfire

Banner: House Thul

Battle-Worn Imperial Placard

Battle-Worn Republic Placard

Cage of Tormented

Computer Station (Emergency)

Flag: House Thul

Fountain of Blood and Fire

Hunter’s Planning Table

Industrial Fire Pit

Jukebox: Stellar Hits

Market Kiosk: Neon Lights

Massive Anti-Air Turret

Merchant Stall

Metropolitan Bench

Oriconian Lantern

Planter: Blood Razor Fern

Round Patterned Rug (Gold)

Shackled Crystal Sconce

Small Holo Table

Starship: Republic Gunship

Statue of Revan

Statue of the Throned Sith

Topiary Tree (Hedge)

Tribal Blade Totem

Underworld Light (Orange)

Voss-Ka Street Lamp

Stronghold Title: Marketplace Cantina


Nadia Grell Customization 9



Emote: Handstand Heel Click

Emote: Thrash

Regen Items

One Handed Handstand


Title: Galactic Warden

Title: Seneshcal

Dye Colors

Pale Blue-Pale Pink

Medium Green-Deep Purple

Crystal Colors

Sea Green

Gold Core

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