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Underworld Alliance Pack

Underworld Alliance Pack


Frontline Defender Armor Set

Herald of Zildrog Armor Set

Dune Stalker Armor Set

Renowned Duelist Armor Set

Overwatch Shield

Overwatch Security

Sith Recluse Armor Set


Irakie Falcon

Orlean Scout

Meirm Agama

Korrealis KL-1F

Vectron LW-1S

Wasteland Womp Rat

Forest Raptor

Minas Hornet


Ambient Machine: Casino

Ambient Machine: Waterfront

Battle-Worn Barricade

Blaster Mark

Commemorative Statue of Theron Shan

Damaged Republic ATV

Damaged Turret

Damaged Wall Section

Debris Pile (Large)

Destroyed Battledroid

Destroyed Ceiling Light

Destroyed Speeder Bike

Emergency Response Droid

Jukebox: Galactic Mysteries

Lightsaber Damage (Straight)

Salvage Droid

Sandbag Barricade

Shipping Crate (Damaged)


Creature Companion: Akk Dog


Kai Zykken's Unparalleled Log Mount

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