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#3 Warzone Date Change and 5.6 Details

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.11.2017 01:53PM
Originally Posted by darthscotty View Post
A little more information on this one please. How do I get it ect.... this is the first I am hearing of it.
It was actually mentioned in the roadmap, but it was a small mention so I think most people missed it.

We are producing a blog on it but I can give some basics. It is purchased from the CM (similar to the 60 and 65 tokens), and will be tradeable (so it can be sold on the GTN). It then gives you an item which you use on a character. That item will level you to 70 and place you on your Class ship (whether you have one or not from story, this doesn't impact your ability to get it naturally). It will also give you a set of starter gear for level 70.

It does not progress story at all so you could even use it on a brand new level one.

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#2 Warzone Date Change and 5.6 Details

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.11.2017 01:49PM
Originally Posted by Sarova View Post
This needs more explanation; what if I don't want or need my gear to disintegrate into Unassembled Components (UC)? Will there be a choice? I only used UCs to gear my main; I will not be wasting time or UCs doing that again with any of my alts - I'd rather have the Command Tokens. In addition, there hasn't been any information on whether UC cap will be increased.
To the first part of your question, it is giving you UC instead of CXP, not Command Tokens, so that is not impacted. I do not believe there is a choice on what items break down into but a general rule is stuff with stats breaks down to UC, everything else is CXP. There may be exceptions but I believe that was the guiding principle.

There is no longer a cap on UC because it isn't actually tracked via the currency tab any longer. It is now a stackable bind on legacy token in your inventory (allowing you to move it across characters).

Also related to that is UC costs and accrual. Costs for all items via UC will be doubled in 5.6, BUT, everywhere you previously gained UC (Warzones, Missions, Ops) will also double. This totally breaks even, there is no change to current rates for gaining and spending UC. The team set those numbers higher to be able to get the values for breaking down items from Galactic Command in place.

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Warzone Date Change and 5.6 Details

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.11.2017 01:01PM
Hey folks,

Quick update on Game Update 5.6. As we are getting closer to the launch of Update, we feel we need just a little bit more time to really bring the new Yavin Warzone up to quality. We are going to pull it out of Game Update 5.6 (launching 11/28), instead it will now launch as a part of 5.6.1 only two weeks later on 12/12. We apologize for the delay in the Warzone, we know that there is a lot of excitement for it and we are eager to get it to you as quick as we can.

This date change does not impact any other elements of the Game Update. As a reminder, here are some of the bigger things coming in two weeks with 5.6 (this is not a comprehensive list):
  • New Flashpoint on Copero, a planet in the Chiss Ascendency (Solo Story, Group Story, Veteran, and Master Modes) and the continuation of the Alliance traitor storyline.
  • The return of Raina Temple.
  • Nahut, the third boss in the Gods From the Machine Operation (Story and Veteran modes).
  • New GSF Deathmatch map set in the orbit over Iokath.
  • Significant changes to Group Finder (new UI, all queuing in one place, upgraded rewards, solo activities added).
  • Legacy-wide Credits and Unassembled Components.
  • Changes to Galactic Command disintegration (gear now disintegrates directly into Unassembled Components to help mitigate RNG).
  • New item, the Masters Datacron. This allows you to take any existing character and boost them to level 70; this boost does not progress story.
  • And more!

Thanks everyone.

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#5 Maintenance: 15 November 2017

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 15.11.2017 09:45AM
Originally Posted by chaharbagh View Post
Patch notes?
All servers are now live and the patch notes are up as well. Apologies for the delay, there was a brief web issue right when we came out of maintenance.

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#4 Maintenance: 15 November 2017

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.11.2017 04:38PM
Quote: Originally Posted by SomeJagoff View Post
Is there any chance that the Cartel Market "Server Character Slot" items will be fixed with this update?

They're currently capped to 40 max + 24 as a sub = 64 max, despite the last patch apparently making the max characters per server 100. This had led to a situation where if you have an overflow of say ~70-80 characters, there's no way to: create a new character or transfer a new character to the server without first deleting 10-20 characters to get down to 63/64 characters.

Factoring in the 24 slots for subscribers by default, I imagine the "Server Character Slot" items should be increased from 40 to 76 to cap off at 100 per server?

Also, will there be any discount on the "Server Character Slot" items? As it is now, if you're a subscriber with 100+ toons on a server, you'd need to delete a bunch to get down to 99/100, then assuming you already previously purchased 40 "Server Character Slots," you'd still need to buy another 36 "Server Character Slots" just to be able to transfer a character to the server.
1 Character Slot = 600cc
36 Character Slots = 21,600cc (~$160 in cc just to be able to transfer a character to a server)
This will not be a part of tomorrow's update. However, the team is aware of the issue and looking into solutions. I appreciate the heads up on it!

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#3 Maintenance: 15 November 2017

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.11.2017 04:12PM
Quote: Originally Posted by CombatLord View Post
How come this date was not included in the post that had the dates for maintenance for the month of November?. And since we will be losing a couple of hours of double xp will you consider extending the double xp to compensate for the downtime?
That post is specifically for scheduled downtime. Tomorrow's maintenance is an "unscheduled" patch in order to address an issue which arose from United Forces. We do our best to have all changes happen inside of scheduled downtime but sometimes we need to expedite a change.

We won't be extending the double event that I am aware of, especially since it is a fairly quick downtime (only 2 hours, or less hopefully). However, keep in mind that we are running another double event at the end of the month to coincide with 5.6 launch. You won't have to wait too long for another "dose of double."

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#2 Maintenance: 15 November 2017

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.11.2017 02:24PM
Originally Posted by Savej View Post
Legacy bank fix incoming.
This is the primary fix in this update, correct.

Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
Hopefully. A fix for the eyes would be nice too.
The eyes are not being fixed in this update.

Originally Posted by foxxycandy View Post
Does this include turning on server transfers? Please please please say yes. Please. ERIC PLEASE.HELP ME
Transfers are not being turned on with this update. As soon as I have a timing update I will pass it on!

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Maintenance: 15 November 2017

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.11.2017 01:54PM
Hey everyone!

We will be taking the servers offline on Wednesday, November 15th in order to apply Game Update 5.5.1a. The website will also be unavailable during this time.

DATE: 15 November 2017
TIME: 6:00AM - 8:00AM PST (1400 - 1600 UTC)
VERSION: 5.5.1a

Patch Notes will be available on Wednesday, here.

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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Is Darth Hexid Account Wide?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.11.2017 09:35AM
Originally Posted by Rexta View Post
Is Darth Hexid Account Wide?
Short version, yes it is.

Slightly longer version: A character that you are playing on needs to earn one of the two United Forces Achievements. Those Achievements are tracked Legacy-wide. If you have one of those two Legacy Achievements within the qualifying window, then on 11/28 you will be granted Darth Hexid onto your account, which will be delivered via in-game mail.

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When will the character transfers be available?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 13.11.2017 09:49AM
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Hi all.

All is in the title really. When will they be available again, when merges were announced they did write that it will be brought back shortly after the Forces United but I see no date anywhere and I tried searching online to no avail. Anyone any the wiser?

Hey folks,

Right now I do not have an ETA on the timing of transfers coming back online. I will work with the team to see if I can get a time frame.

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#2 Legacy Bank Items not merging or missing

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 09.11.2017 12:43PM
Hey folks,

The team has worked out what is going on. For starters, you do not need to panic, all of your items are actually there, you just can't see them currently. The issue was if a player had a Legacy Cargo Hold on more than one server, one of them could now appear missing. This only happened in rare instances, which is why not everyone was experiencing it. We will have a fix for this in a patch next week.

We apologize for any frustration this has caused, well get you fixed as soon as possible. More updates to come.

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