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Maintenance: May 10, 2021

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 06.05.2021 10:45AM
Hey everyone,

We will be taking the servers offline on May 10, 2021, to deploy Game Update 6.3a to fix several issues in Galactic Seasons.

DATE: May 10, 2021
TIME: 6:00AM - 8:00AM PDT (1300 - 1500 UTC)

Patch notes are already available here:

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars: The Old Republic!
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#2 Rocket Boost in fp's "Cannot use Rocket Boost while you are already mounted"

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 07.05.2021 03:58AM
Hi folks,

Our team is aiming to fix the bug with the Rocket Boost ability during a Flashpoint with our next game update 6.3a:
  • Using the Random Mount ability before entering a Flashpoint is no longer blocking the use of the Rocket Boost ability during that Flashpoint.
More information about this update here: Game Update 6.3a.
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Abilities Companion Tab Bug

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 07.05.2021 07:43AM
Hi pyrietboletje,

Thanks for the report regarding your companion's abilities.

Our team is aware of this bug and is currently looking into it. I'll let you know when I have more information.
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Galactic Seasons levels not unlocking after spending cartel coins

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 07.05.2021 07:54AM
Hi a-madman,

For purchase issues, you should directly contact our support team with a ticket:
  1. Click on the question mark icon on the main menu, (or press Ctrl + /).
  2. Click on Create ticket, then follow the on-screen instructions to provide details and submit your ticket.
More information on how to contact our support team here: How to contact Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR) support.
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Weekly PO: Outer Rim Flashpoints Not Progressing

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 05.05.2021 07:40AM
Hi folks,

Thanks for reporting this bug with the Weekly PO: "Outer Rim Flashpoints".

This bug is similar to the one with the Weekly PO: "Coreward Flashpoints". Our team is aiming to fix those bugs with Game Update 6.3a.

In the meantime, you need to complete the Flashpoints with characters below level 70 to complete this objective.

For more visibility, I also added this bug to the Game Update 6.3 - Known issues list.
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Bracket Changes, and What's Next

Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt ( Original Post ) | 05.05.2021 08:54AM

Hi everyone,

Now that players have had a chance to experience Game Update 6.3, we wanted to follow up on a change we had made with PvP brackets. Currently, there are now two brackets instead of three.

Previous brackets:
  • Levels 10-42
  • Levels 43-74
  • Level 75

Current brackets:
  • Levels 10-74
  • Level 75

The intention behind the change was to increase the number of PvP players available for the whole queue. We are in the process of analyzing the data for this change and also gathering feedback from players who participate in PvP.

We understand the impact that this had on our PvP community, and will be mindful of communicating changes such as consolidating the number of total queues and their intentions ahead of time before they are implemented.

While we are on the topic of PvP, we are aware of the questions regarding the future of PvP and what that looks like.

We briefly touched on some of the longer-term plans in a post last fall <link>. Our overall goal for PvP is to support modes that accommodate safe, healthy competition. We believe that if we can do this, we can encourage more players to try out PvP and foster a growing, positive community. The more players we have playing PvP modes, the better quality the experience becomes overall. As a result, queue times are reduced and matchmaking algorithms have more players in the pool to work with. To get there, we have been working on what the future of PvP could look like.

We have made great progress here, and laid out a couple of initiatives in-line with the transition. First, were keeping the existing Seasonal structure and rewards plan through Season 14 to allow us the time to finish our exploration and implement the next version of PvP. Next, weve been gathering feedback from the community on what sort of changes you would like to see. We are exploring things like map voting/selection, accounting for classes in matchmaking, tighter brackets in matchmaking, and the reward structures in all of the current ranked and unranked modes.

Thank you all for your continued feedback!


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