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Maintenance: June 28, 2022

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 24.06.2022 09:37AM
Hey everyone,

We will be taking all servers offline for back-end maintenance on 28 June, 2022.

DATE: June 28, 2022
TIME: 5:00 AM - 10:00 AM CT (1000 - 1500 UTC)

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars: The Old Republic!
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Eliminate Random Guild Invites & *Unethical Exploitation of New/Returning Players*

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 23.06.2022 01:35PM
Hi all,

As the conversation here is becoming unproductive, and veering away from the intended use of the Suggestion Box sub-forums, this thread will be locked. Any attempts to make duplicates of this thread or continuing this in other areas of the forums will be moderated and treated as spam.

Thank you.
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#7 R-4 Anomaly Operation and Manaan Daily Area on PTS

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 21.06.2022 10:23AM
Hello everyone!

A new phase of PTS has been pushed live. Veteran mode for Lady Dominique is now available for testing! Please use the Lady Dominique feedback thread to provide feedback on your experience and don't forget to indicate that you were playing Story or Veteran mode.

Please also make sure that you read through the known issues and changelog before trying testing things out on PTS. I've noted new and updated messaging accordingly.

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#8 Hello, Crashing randomly.

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 14.06.2022 09:16AM
Hi everyone,

For those who are still reporting crashing issues, please follow the steps listed below:

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam View Post
Hi folks,

Thank you all for the additional information. We're still investigating this bug.

The team is also asking if the following files can be submitted by those who are experiencing this issue: CRASH.dmp and CRASH.json from this file:
  • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\SWTOR\CrashDump\ swtor
To send those files, attach them to an email to with the subject: crash to desktop issue.

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.
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CTD when updating 2 sabers in Outfitter.

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 14.06.2022 10:20AM
Hi darkgodz,

Thanks for your report regarding the crashing issues you encounter with the Fractured Ashla Lightsaber.

As mentioned in the following thread: Weapon Outiftter Doesn't work with Combat Styles, our team is aware of this bug and currently looking into it.

For more visibility, this bug was added to the known issues list:
  • The game crashes when 2 Fractured Ashla Lightsabers are added to the outfit at the same time.
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#6 R-4 Anomaly Operation and Manaan Daily Area on PTS

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 10.06.2022 09:57AM
Hi everyone,

We will be taking down PTS soon to prepare for a new iteration to go live later today. I've updated the changelog, so please give it a read so you know what changes were implemented into the new build. .

One special note about Outfitter. The update to 32 slots is part of future changes to Outfitter we intend on making and we're really happy to see it well received. We did, however, find some issues with this change, and we're working on addressing them before bringing this feature back for testing. It is coming in the future, but we want to let players know that as of now, this feature will not be in 7.1.

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#4 R-4 Anomaly Operation and Manaan Daily Area on PTS

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 10.06.2022 02:52PM
Originally Posted by The-Kaitou-Kid View Post
One of these isn't true, I'm getting the impression it's the latter. Was messing with some of the gear on Mek-Sha and noticed I wasn't at Accuracy Cap in my original gear, but I was on the live server. Swapped over to confirm that, then swapped back and confirmed that I was in fact under the accuracy cap by about 250 points. Interestingly, the 330 gear that I picked up on Mek-Sha doesn't seem to have this problem and my Accuracy was correct for what it was in that gear. It's only my original 306 gear that has this problem. Tried this on Ziost, Tatooine, and Mek-Sha as well, same result.

The weird thing to me is that it's the same number. Whether I'm on Tython or Mek-Sha, I go from exactly 2692 Accuracy (on the fleet or in a SH) to 2447. So while it does seem like my accuracy is being scaled down, it doesn't seem to be based on the planet I'm on. Is there a stat penalty for wearing pre-7.0 gear on level shifted planets? I know it's not coming from anything like augments or my stim, I've been playing around with the numbers to see and I'm just not getting the full amount of Accuracy from each piece of my gear. Removing my pants on this set, which have 431 Accuracy, should have dropped me to 2016, but they dropped me to 2059. So effectively, I'm only actually getting 388 of the Accuracy I should be getting from that piece.

The biggest question I have after looking through all of this: is this intentional? Are you intentionally penalizing older gear sets in level synced content? If so, why? If you say Accuracy isn't being scaled, it shouldn't be touched.

EDIT: Editing this to add, I checked on another character, and it's happening there as well. Was also able to notice that the amount per piece is the same. So it seems like I'm just having exactly 43 points deducted off the tertiary stats of any 306 gear I wear. Maybe it applies to Endurance/Mastery/Power/Crit too, but there's no solid way to test that since those stats are all intended to be scaled. You're telling us Accuracy and Alacrity shouldn't be, so why are they being lowered?
Originally Posted by The-Kaitou-Kid View Post
Hey Jackie. Any chance we can get an update on this? At least to let us know if this is intended or not?
Hi The-Kaitou-Kid,

Everything you are experiencing is working as intended. The decrease is tied to gear rating and the level of a character.

For example, if you had 306 gear, you would not see the decrease on a level 75 character (or even up to a level 78 character). But at level 80, you'll need to be wearing at least 318 rated gear to avoid the "old gear" penalty in Level Sync. This penalty exists to encourage players to upgrade their gear to be appropriate for their current level and to discourage the use of old gear in Level Sync to gain unintended benefits from the system.

I hope that offers some clarity.
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