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Decorations - Furniture


Icon Name Size Obtained
Arrangement: Basic Lounge Large Vendor: Decorations
Arrangement: Cafe Table Medium, Large Architect's Pack
Arrangement: Cantina Lounge Large Cantina Bundle
Arrangement: Executive's Desk Medium, Large Rep. CZ-198
Arrangement: Executive's Lounge Large Gatekeeper's Pack
Arrangement: Merchant Stall Large Crafted
Arrangement: Spacer's Lounge Large Spacer's Bundle
Arrangement: Speeder Station Large Certificates
Arrangement: Throne of Enlightenment Large Core Worlds/Deep Core Pack
Arrangement: Tribal Camp Large Constable's Pack
Arrangement: Tribal Campfire Medium, Large Seneschal's Pack
Arrangement: Underworld Bar Large Gatekeeper's Pack
Arrangement: Vendor Stall Large Crafted


Icon Name Size Obtained
Barracks Bunk Bed Medium, Narrow Crafted
Basic Metal Bed Medium, Narrow Vendor: Decorations
Hospital Bed Medium, Narrow Crafted
Hutt Lounger Medium, Large Crafted
Imperial Medical Bed Medium, Large Imperial Essentials Bundle
Luxury Bed (Black) Medium Luxury Bundle
Luxury Bed (Orange) Medium Certificates
Luxury Bed (Plum) Medium Crafted
Refugee Camping Kit Medium, Large Crafted
Revanite Camp Bed Medium, Narrow Mid Rim Explorer's Pack
Temple Bed Medium, Large Deep Core/Core Worlds Pack
Voss-ka Bed Medium, Narrow Crafted


Icon Name Size Obtained
Basic Imperial Chair Small, Narrow Crafted
Basic Metal Chair Small, Medium Vendor: Decorations
Basic Republic Chair Small, Narrow Crafted
Cantina Stools (Basic) Small, Narrow Cantina Bundle
Cantina Stools (Fancy) Small, Narrow Crafted
Dreadful Throne Medium Large Dread Palace
Highback Padded Chair Small, Narrow Crafted
Jedi Temple Chairs Medium, Narrow Crafted
Luxury Highback Chair Small, Narrow Luxury Bundle
Office Chair Small, Narrow Gatekeeper's Pack
Red Cushioned Chair Small, Narrow Certificates
Revanite Camp Chair Small, Narrow Mid Rim Explorer's Pack
Selkath Chair Small, Narrow Gatekeeper's Pack
Sith Temple Chair Small, Narrow
Starship Chair (Black) Small, Narrow Spacer's Bundle
Starship Chair (Tan) Small, Medium Crafted
Temple Chair (Basic) Small, Narrow Esstran Imports 1c
Temple Chair (Orante) Small, Narrow Core Worlds/Deep Core Pack
Underworld Starship Chair Small, Narrow Underworld Essentials Bundle
Voss-ka Highback Chair Small, Narrow Crafted


Icon Name Size Obtained
Austere City Bench Medium, Narrow Architect's Pack
Basic Metal Couch Medium, Narrow Vendor: Decorations
Cantina Loveseat Medium, Narrow Cantina Bundle
Elegant Park Bench Medium, Narrow Crafted
Executive's Couch Medium, Narrow Constable's Pack
Executive's Loveseat Small, Medium, Narrow Gatekeeper's Pack
Luxury Loveseat Medium, Narrow Luxury Bundle
Metropolitan Bench Medium, Narrow Seneschal's Pack
Republic Starship Couch Medium, Narrow Essential's Bundle
Selkath Couch Medium, Narrow Gatekeeper's Pack
Senator's Lounger Medium, Narrow Crafted
Spacer's Couch Medium, Narrow Spacer's Bundle
Starship Booth Medium, Narrow Crafted
Underworld Starship Couch Medium, Narrow Underworld Essentials Bundle
Voss-ka Couch Medium, Narrow Crafted


Icon Name Obtained
Corellian Rug Archtiect's Pack
Corporate Lobby Rug Gatekeeper's Pack
Decorous Hotel Rug Constable's Pack
Desert Peddler's Rug Crafted
Imperial Dignitary's Rug Imperial Essentials Bundle
Life Day Wampa Rug Life Day Bundle
Luxurious Rug (Blue) Crafted
Luxurious Rug (Red) Certificates
Market Canopy (Blue) Crafted
Market Canopy (Red) Certificates
Ornate Merchant's Rug Republic Essentials Bundle
Round Patterned Rug (Gold) Seneschal's Pack
Senator's Rug Certificates
Simple Merchant's Rug Vendor: Decorations
Underworld Traveler's Rug Underworld Essentials Bundle


Icon Name Size Obtained
Basic Tools Shelf Medium, Narrow Vendor: Decorations
Cantina Bar Cabinet Medium, Narrow Cantina Bundle
Electrobalde Rack Small, Narrow Architect's Pack
Equipment Locker (Fancy) Medium, Narrow Certificates
Equipment Locker (Sleek) Medium, Narrow Architect's Pack
Imperial Supply Locker Medium, Narrow Imperial Essentials Bundle
Luxury Hutch Medium, Narrow Luxury Bundle
Mandalorian Weapon Rack Wall Medium, Large Architect's Pack
Merchant Stall (Armor) Medium, Narrow Architect's Pack
Merchant Stall (General Goods) Medium, Narrow Seneschal's Pack
Office Divider Medium, Medium Narrow Architect's Pack
Republic Supply Locker Medium, Narrow Republic Essentials Bundle
Ship Wall Locker Medium Constable's Pack
Spacer's Supply Locker Medium, Narrow Spacer's Bundle
Underworld Supply Locker Medium, Narrow Underworld Essentials Bundle
Voss-ka Cabinet Medium, Narrow Crafted


Icon Name Size Obtained
Basic Civilian Table Medium, Narrow Vendor: Decorations
Bounty Table Medium, Narrow, large Outer Rim Pack
Cantina Bar Set (Small) Medium, Narrow Cantina Bundle
Casino Table (Large) Large Cantina Bundle
Czerka Caf Table Medium, Narrow Gatekeeper's Pack
Czerka Corner Office Desk Medium, Large Gatekeeper's Pack
Decorous Cafe Table Medium, Narrow Luxury Bundle
Dejarik Table Small, Narrow Spacer's Bundle
Dreadful Altar Medium, Narrow Dread Fortress
Droid Engineer's Workbench Large Constable's Pack
Hunter's Planning Table Medium, Large Seneschal's Pack
Imperial Work Table (Alert Status) Medium, Large Imperial Essentials Bundle
Jedi Small Council Table Large Deep Core/Core Worlds Pack
Luxury Cafe Table Small, Medium, Narrow Luxury Bundle
Merchant's Work Table Medium Crafted
Researcher's Desk Medium, Narrow Crafted
Revanite Altar Large Mid Rim Explorer's Pack
Senator's Desk Medium, Narrow Crafted
Slicer's Planning Table Medium, Large Constable's Pack
Small Cafe Table Small, Medium, Narrow Crafted
Small Holotable Small, Narrow Seneschal's Pack
Temple Clock Small, Narrow Deep Core/Core Worlds Pack
Tukata Research Table Medium, Narrow Gatekeeper's Pack
Voss-ka Desk Medium, Narrow Crafted
Voss-ka Table Medium, Narrow Crafted

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