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Decorations - Environmental


Icon Name Size Obtained
K'lor'slug Eggs Medium Crafted
Killik Eggs Medium Crafted
Unfortunate Yavin Explorer Wall Medium, Large Mid Rim Explorer's Pack


Icon Name Size Obtained
Gigantic Crystal (Cyan) Centerpiece Constable's Pack
Large Crystal Formation (Purple) Medium, Large Battle of Ilum
Life Day Icicle Mound Large Cartel Market
Revanite Campfire Medium, Narrow Mid Rim Explorer's Pack
Ziost Rift Large Colossal Monolith


Icon Name Size Obtained
Hanging Moss Wall Large Vendor: Decorations 500
Hanging Vines Ceiling Vendor: Decorations 1,000
Holographic Tree (Blue) Medium, Narrow Gatekeeper's Pack
Makeb Pod Medium, Narrow Ziost
Planter: Bloodrazor Fern Small, Narrow Seneschal's Pack
Planter: Executive Shrub Small, Narrow Crafted
Planter: Glowing Cave Fern Medium, Narrow Rep. THORN
Planter: Glowing Plague Bulbs Medium, Narrow Rep. THORN
Planter: Glowing Spores Small, Narrow Architect's Pack
Planter: Large Mushroom Small, Narrow Architect's Pack
Planter: Oriconian Stalk Medium, Narrow Gatekeeper's Pack
Planter: Pink Rishi Flowers Medium, Narrow Vendor: Decorations
Planter: Voss Shrub Medium, Narrow Constable's Pack
Planter: Yavin Jungle Fern Medium, Narrow Vendor: Decorations
Potted Plant: Blooming Bud Medium, Narrow Ziost
Potted Plant: Brown Shrub Small, Narrow Crafted
Potted Plant: Green Bush Small, Narrow Certificates
Potted Plant: Large Fern Medium, Narrow Certificates
Potted Plant: Lifeless Bud Medium, Narrow Ziost 6 Tokens
Potted Plant: Luminescent Mushroom (Blue) Small Architect's Pack
Potted Plant: Manaan Fern Medium, Narrow Manaan
Potted Plant: Sea Grass Medium, Narrow Crafted
Potted Plant: Weed Flowers Small, Narrow Crafted
Potted Plant: Yavin Cave Fern Medium, Narrow Master's Pack
Potted Plant: Yavin Fungus Medium, Narrow Apprentice's Pack
Potted Plant: Yavin Jungle Fan Medium, Large Acolyte's Pack
Potted Plant: Yavin Octogave Plant Medium, Narrow Apprentice's Pack
Yavin Flora Medium, Large Vendor: Decorations 500


Icon Name Size Obtained
Infected Tree Medium, Narrow Cartel Market
Life Day: Medium Potted Tree Small, Narrow Cartel Market
Life Day: Small Potted Tree Medium Cartel Market
Planter: Rishi Palm Tree (Medium) Medium, Large Vendor: Decorations
Planter: Rishi Tree (Blue) Medium, Large Acolyte's Pack
Potted Tree: Autumn Medium, Narrow Certificates
Potted Tree: Rakata Palm Medium, Narrow Seneschal's Pack
Topiary Tree: Cone Small, Narrow Rep. Makeb
Topiary Tree: Gumdrop Small, Narrow Certificates
Topiary Tree: Hedge Medium, Narrow Seneschal's Pack
Tree: Commemorative Meat Tree Medium, Narrow Rep. Rishi
Tree: Rishi Palm Medium, Narrow Apprentice's Pack
Tree: Tree of Paradise Medium, Large Pilgrim's Pack
Yavin Tree Plot Large Pilgrim's Pack

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