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Assault Specialist Commando 5.x DPS Class Guide

SWTOR Assault Specialist Commando 5.x DPS SWTOR class guide.

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Gearing & Stats

The tables on this page were generated using optimizer scripts created by Bant aka Goblin_Lackey. The stats were calculated to give the maximum theoretical DPS/HPS/DTPS for each discipline, however you may wish to alter the builds depending on your play style or what content you are facing in SWTOR. Each table assumes you have a full set of the specified gear.

Suggested Best-in-Slot Stats

Tier 4: Legendary
Tier 4: Artifact
Iokath MK-5
Tier 3: Legendary
Iokath MK-2
Tier 3: Artifact
Eternal Commander MK-15
Tier 2: Legendary
Eternal Commander MK-13
Tier 2: Artifact
Mastery 68846662 (1xC)6536 (1xC)6579 (2xC)6342 (1xA)6259 (1xA, 1xC)
Power 396437763694369435063424
Critical 1831 (2xE, 11xA, 2xC)1760 (2xE, 11xA, 1xC)1742 (6xE, 2xA, 1xC)1724 (7xE)1678 (3xE, 8xA, 2xC)1634 (5xE, 4xA, 1xC)
Alacrity 1617 (7xE)1540 (7xE)1509 (3xE, 9xA)1486 (2xE, 11xA)1422 (6xE, 2xA)1368 (3xE, 8xA)
Accuracy 759 (1xE, 3xA, Stim)748 (1xE, 3xA, Stim)743 (1xE, 3xA, Stim)743 (1xE, 3xA, Stim)733 (1xE, 3xA, Stim)736 (2xE, 1xA, Stim)
Absorb 000000
Defense 000000
Shield 000000

"E" = Enhancement or Implant or Earpiece
"A" = Advanced _ Augment 45
"C" = Advanced _ _ Color Crystal (+41 ones)

Discipline Statistics

Tier 4: Legendary
Tier 4: Artifact
Iokath MK-5
Tier 3: Legendary
Iokath MK-2
Tier 3: Artifact
Eternal Commander MK-15
Tier 2: Legendary
Eternal Commander MK-13
Tier 2: Artifact
DPS 10,432 +/- 41410,023 +/- 3919,775 +/- 3779,698 +/- 3739,307 +/- 3529,007 +/- 336

DPS Rankings

DPS Standard
vs Average DPS
Imperial Class Republic Class
5 5 - 10,336 +/- 284 +3.46% Annihilation Marauder Watchman Sentinel
8 8 - 10,150 +/- 299 +1.6% Carnage Marauder Combat Sentinel
12 8 4 9,828 +/- 351 -1.63% Fury Marauder Concentration Sentinel
10 10 - 10,027 +/- 372 +0.36% Vengeance Juggernaut Vigilance Guardian
11 15 4 9,857 +/- 488 -1.34% Rage Juggernaut Focus Guardian
7 7 - 10,157 +/- 582 +1.67% Deception Assassin Infiltration Shadow
14 13 1 9,640 +/- 346 -3.51% Hatred Assassin Serenity Shadow
18 18 - 9,327 +/- 304 -6.64% Lightning Sorcerer Telekinetics Sage
16 16 - 9,520 +/- 268 -4.71% Madness Sorcerer Balance Sage
9 9 - 10,054 +/- 516 +0.64% Arsenal Mercenary Gunnery Commando
4 4 - 10,432 +/- 414 +4.42% Innovative Ordnance Mercenary Assault Specialist Commando
13 12 1 9,679 +/- 505 -3.12% Advanced Prototype Powertech Tactics Vanguard
15 14 1 9,556 +/- 383 -4.35% Pyrotech Powertech Plasmatech Vanguard
17 17 - 9,448 +/- 461 -5.43% Marksmanship Sniper Sharpshooter Gunslinger
3 3 - 10,441 +/- 270 +4.51% Engineering Sniper Saboteur Gunslinger
2 2 - 10,467 +/- 161 +4.77% Virulence Sniper Dirty Fighting Gunslinger
6 6 - 10,157 +/- 526 +1.67% Concealment Operative Scrapper Scoundrel
1 1 - 10,754 +/- 322 +7.64% Lethality Operative Ruffian Scoundrel

Note: DPS rankings assume best-in-slot 242-rating gear.

Suggested Best-in-Slot Gear & Items

Set Bonuses

Pieces Set Bonus
2Heatseeker Missiles and Serrated Shot or Demolition Round and Serrated Bolt increase damage dealt by 2% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 of seconds.
4Energy Shield or Reactive Shield's cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds.
6Activating Unload and Blazing Bolts or Full Auto and Boltstorm will grant Eliminator's Critical Bonus making your next Heatseeker Missiles and Mag Shot or Demolition Round and Mag Bolt critically hit. This effect can only occur once a minute.

Suggested Utility Skills


Suggested PvE Utility Build

Unknown - please email us one at!

Suggested PvE Utilities

Unknown - please email us one at!


Suggested PvP Utility Build

Unknown - please email us one at!

Suggested PvP Utilities

Unknown - please email us one at!


Bodyguard Mercenary/Combat Medic Commando is overall a more bursty, single target heals spec with some moderately decent AOE heals. It is considered to be in the middle of the other two healing classes in terms of single target and AOE healing potential.

The key to being a good player is knowing which abilities are useful to your spec, when to use the ones that are useful and how to best use all your abilities. As a healer this involves knowing when and who to heal, predicting incoming damage and knowing when to use your secondary abilities/utilities. Most of that comes with experience and practice.

Getting stunned, immobalised, knocked down or otherwise incapacitated will happen to you quite frequently, so it is worth having Gyroscopic Alignment Jets to vent more heat to assist with keeping heat management undercontrol.

Jet Escape: Reducing the cooldown of your CC breaker is always handy and the reduced cooldown of Jet Boost is a good bonus.

Improved Vents is pretty self explanatory.

Protective Field and Power Shield: are both great utilities to have. The combination of interrupt immunity and increased healing is quite powerful for those stressful situations.

Power Overrides and Thrill of the Hunt: are both great utilities. Power Overrides ensures that two abilities which would be prone to interrupts otherwise, can't be interrupted plus gives you bonus mobility.


Assault Specialist Discipline Abilities

Name Description Type
Fires a very powerful shot at the target that deals <<1>> weapon damage. Replaces High Impact Bolt.Instant
Throws a moldable plastic explosive that sticks to the target and detonates after several seconds, exploding for <<1>> kinetic damage. Standard and weak enemies enter a state of panic when the explosive attaches and are knocked down when it detonates.Instant
Launches an incendiary projectile, setting the target ablaze for <<1>> elemental damage and an additional <<2>> elemental damage over 15 seconds.Instant
Fires special serrated bolts at the target that deal <<1>> weapon damage and cause the target to bleed for <<2>> internal damage over 15 seconds.Casted

Commando Advanced Class Abilities

Name Description Type
Fire a specially compressed round, propelling you backward 20 meters and granting you immunity to controlling effects while propelled. Cannot be used while immobilized or hindered. Requires Assault Cannon.Instant
Interrupts the target's current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4 seconds.Instant
Reduces the threat towards all current enemies.Instant
Engages a defensive response system that absorbs all incoming direct single target damage for the next 6 seconds, reflecting 50% of the absorbed damage back at the attacker and healing you for 5% of your maximum health each time an attack is absorbed. Can be used while stunned.Instant
Spins up the assault cannon and fires off a quick burst of powerful, charged rounds at the target for <<1>> weapon damage. Requires Assault Cannon.Casted
Launches a volley of mortar shells at the target area, dealing <<1>> kinetic damage to up to 8 enemies within 5 meters over the duration. Standard and weak targets are knocked down by the blasts. Depletes 30 energy cells over the duration.Channeled
Summons a probe that heals for <<1>>.Casted
Requires and converts 10 stacks of Supercharge to recharge 10 energy cells and empower your passive cell: Combat Support Cell: Increases healing done by 5% for 8 seconds. While active, Advanced Medical Probe has no cooldown and cost 5 fewer energy cells. Plasma Cell: Increases periodic damage dealt by 10% for 8 seconds and causes the next successful ranged attack on a target affected by your Incendiary Round's burn to apply Supercharged Burn to the target, which deals <<3>> elemental damage over 4 seconds. Armor-piercing Cell: Increases armor penetration by 10% for 8 seconds. While active, damage dealt by Grav Round, Demolition Round, Boltstorm, and Vortex Bolt grants Supercharged Velocity, which increases alacrity by 1%. This effect cannot occur more than once per second and can stack up to 3 times.Instant
Deals <<1>> elemental damage and pushes up to 8 nearby enemies back away from the Trooper. Targets have their movement speed reduced by 50% for 4 seconds after being knocked back.Instant
Fires a continuous stream of bolts that deals <<1>> weapon damage and depletes 24 energy cells over the duration. Weak and standard enemies caught in the blaster fire are stunned for the duration.Channeled
Lobs a plasma grenade that detonates on contact, dealing <<1>> kinetic damage to up to 8 targets within 8 meters and igniting the targets in fiery plasma, dealing <<2>> additional elemental damage over 6 seconds. Standard and weak targets enter a state of panic from the flames.Casted
Fires a heavy round that deals <<1>> kinetic damage to the primary target and <<2>> kinetic damage to up to 7 standard or weak targets within 5 meters of the primary target. If the primary target is a weak or standard enemy, it is knocked to the ground.Instant
Your next ability used within 15 seconds with an activation time will activate instantly and then grant immunity to pushback and interrupts for 6 seconds.Instant
Requires and converts 10 stacks of Supercharge to issue Supercharged Celerity to you and your Operation group members within 40 meters, increasing alacrity by 10%. Lasts 10 seconds.Instant
Activating Hammer Shot, Med Shot, Charged Bolts, Grav Round, or Medical Probe generates a stack of Supercharge. Each stack increases all damage and healing done by 0.1%. Stacks up to 10 times and lasts 60 seconds.Passive
Fires a quick stream of bolts, causing <<1>> healing.Instant
Summons a droid that revives an incapacitated ally. This ability is usable while in combat. When used, all party members can neither use nor be the target of an in-combat revival for the next 5 minutes.Casted
Cleanses a friendly target of up to 2 negative tech or physical effects.Instant
Launches waves of blaster fire at up to 8 targets within 5 meters of the target area, dealing <<1>> weapon damage over the duration. Standard and weak targets are sometimes knocked back by the hail of bolts. Requires Assault Cannon. Spends 32 energy cells over the duration.Channeled
Fires a round at the target that knocks it out for up to 60 seconds. Non-player, non-standard and non-weak targets regenerate health rapidly while knocked out. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely.Casted
Instantly heals a friendly target for <<1>>.Instant
Full Auto, Boltstorm, High Impact Bolt, and Mag Bolt ignore 30% of the target's armor. In addition, the critical chance of Medical Probe and Bacta Infusion are increased by 5%, and critical results with damage and healing abilities increase critical damage and healing by 10% for 6 seconds.Passive
Throws a sticky grenade that will detonate after several seconds. Standard and weak enemies enter a state of panic when the grenade is active. The explosion deals <<1>> kinetic damage to up to 8 enemies when it detonates. Standard and weak targets are knocked back from the blast.Instant
Fires an electro net that ensnares the target, reducing its movement speed by 50% and dealing <<1>> energy damage over 9 seconds. While affected, a target that moves takes 20% more damage from electro net, and this effect can stack up to 10 times on enemy players or 5 times on any other target. Additionally, the electro net hinders the target, preventing the use of high mobility actions and escapes such as charges, vanishes, and speed boosts. Lasts 9 seconds.Instant

Trooper Class Abilities

Name Description Type
Grants 6 seconds of immunity from all movement-impairing effects, knockdowns and physics and increases movement speed by 30%.Instant
Recharges 50 energy cells over 3 seconds.Instant
Increases damage reduction by 25% for 12 seconds.Instant
Ranged weapon attacks have a 25% chance to deal <<1>> additional elemental damage over 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once per second.Passive
Fires a series of hammering shots that deals <<1>> weapon damage to the target.Instant
Activating this ability makes you Fired Up for up to 60 seconds, which triggers an Adrenaline Rush when your health is reduced to 35% or less. If your health is already 35% or less, Adrenaline Rush triggers immediately. Once triggered, Adrenaline Rush goes on cooldown for 3 minutes and rapidly heals you up to 35% of your max health for 8 seconds but will not exceed 35% of your max health.Instant
Hurls a cryo grenade that freezes the target, dealing <<2>> energy damage and stunning it for 4 seconds.Instant
Purges incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.Instant
Fires a very powerful round at the target, dealing <<1>> weapon damage. Only usable against incapacitated targets and targets suffering from periodic damage.Instant
Increases the target's Endurance by 5% for 60 minutes. If the target is a group member, all other group members are also affected.Instant
Seize the moment, restoring 2% of your maximum health every 3 seconds. Requires an active companion. Lasts 60 seconds.Instant
Fires off probes that scan the area for stealthed opponents. The probes last for 10 seconds.Instant
Your next ability depletes no energy cells. Effect lasts 15 seconds.Instant

Emergency Scan/Bacta Infusion, Healing Scan/Advanced Medical Probe and Progressive Scan/Successive Treatment are your three main healing abilities which you should aim to use when they are off cooldown. You can use PS/ST before or after ES/BI - HS/AMP but you should always use ES/BI before HS/AMP. I use the filler abilities (Kolto Shot/Med Shot, Rapid Scan/Medical Probe & Kolto Missile/Kolot Bomb) in between the cooldowns of ES/BI, HS/AMP and PS/ST.

/: Use Kolto Shot/Med Shot (1 charge) and Rapid Scan/Medical Probe (2 charges) to build up 10 charges of Supercharge Gas/Supercharge Cell then activate it. Try to use it off cooldown. You should build up 10 stacks fairly quickly and regularly from using Kolto Shot/Med Shot frequently as fillers.

Rapid Scan/Medical Probe also builds up stacks of / which reduces the cost your your next Healing Scan/Advanced Medical Probe per stack (stacks up to 3 times). Having 3 stacks of Critical Efficiency/Field Triage will make your next Healing Scan/Advanced Medical Probe free.

As Rapid Scan/Medical Probe uses a fair bit of your Heat/Energy Cells use Kolto Shot/Med Shot in between to help keep your Heat/Energy management in check.




Minor Rotation:
Major Rotation:



Advanced Tactics

Advanced Tactics

General Tips:

  • Use Kolto Missile/Kolto Bomb on cool-down it's an effective and underutilised AOE heal.
  • Refresh Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe.
  • Weave in Kolto Shot/Med Shot to build up your supercharge and pop it every time it's off cooldown when in a fight or build it up and save when there's breaks and save it for the next engagement. Just get into the habit of continuously hitting your Kolto Shot/Med Shot!
  • Don't use Rapid Scan/Medical Probe too much. It will drain your resources so use it along with a Kolto Shot/Med Shot or two. Both of these abilities, again are fillers.

The key to healing well is to be able to quickly switch targets and be able to predict who's going to take the damage. Use your filler abilities when there isn't much damage going out.

Warzone Tips and Survival Strategies

  • Positioning: Make sure you position yourself towards the back of the pack. Stand near something like a pillar that you can use to 'line of sight' incoming damage. Use the environment to your advantage.
  • Kite: Learn to move around while healing (yes you can do that) regularly even if it is not necessary so that when you do have to run away around pillars (eg. Civil War Mid & Voidstar) you can keep healing.
  • Find a Pocket Tank: If you can find one (good luck finding one who knows what they're doing) you won't know yourself! Trust me, it makes a difference to your survivability having a tank around to taunt incoming damage, peel, stun and annoy anyone trying to kill you.
  • Precast Kolto Overload/Adrenaline Rush: when you know you're going to go into an intense fight (eg. start of an arena) so you don't have to waste a cooldown activating it when you need it. It will just trigger automatically when you get below 30% health.
  • Learn to not use your CC Breaker you'll find yourself white barred and stun locked pretty frequently. So save your CC breaker for only dire circumstances and only use it when your white barred except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Save Energy Shield/Reactive Shield for Emergencies like when your white barred and you're taking a fair amount of damage but need to stay alive.
  • Smart Healing: Accept that you're not going to be able to keep everyone alive. This is the reality of healing. Don't waste your time chasing after someone who is LOSing you or chasing a melee that is too far away from the node. Know your limitations. If someone is close to death don't waste your resources trying to get them back up unless you know you can do it without compromising you Heat/Energy Cells or if it's crucial for keeping the objective. This is where playing other classes comes in handy (more on that below) as you can know the type of damage going out and then know what you can and can't heal through.
  • Node Guarding: Yes, this will likely happen on the odd occasion. All you need to do is stand around 30 meters away from the objective and out of sight if possible. That we it makes it harder for stealther's to sap cap you. Remember to call out as soon as you see someone coming. While you wait for reinforcements run around and stay alive for as long as possible while you wait for reinforcements.

How To Improve your PvP Game

Playing Other Classes: This is essential if you want to be a good player. Learning how to play other classes, especially in PVP, mean's you'll know what they do and in turn learn how to counter their abilities, know how they can counter you, know what to interrupt and know roughly how much damage you will/can take!

If you don't know all the class symbols yet, you should familiarise yourself with them.

Situational Awareness: This is also a very crucial skill. Not just being aware of your surroundings, there's more to it then that. You need to be able to play your class/role while also knowing how many of their team there is and how many of your team is at a particular location. You need to be asking yourself, where is my team? Where is the enemy team? Am I needed here or am I more needed elsewhere? Make a mental note of who is guarding a node so if you notice their health drop you can help quicker.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Being able to predict who is going to take how much damage and judging the rate someone is taking damage so you know which heals to use on them and who get healing priority takes time and practice.


Even as a healer you need to understand how resolve works, how it will effect you and how your stun, CC (crowd control/mezz) and knock back (all CC effects) will affect resolve. When you stun, CC, knock back your opponent it will fill up their white bar incrementally. Once their bar is full they are immune to stun's, CC's and knock backs for a short duration until their white bar gets reset to zero so to speak. The resolve bar appears under the character name.

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