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Gearing Enhancement Stats Guide (4.x)

Updated to Patch 4.x. Note: With Game Update 5.0, endgame gear is no longer obtained through vendor tokens, rendering these tables obsolete.

Note: All pieces of gear will give the Endurance stat, so it is not listed in the table below. As of Game Update 4.0, Mods all have Defense (Tanks) or Power (DPS/Heals) as the secondary stat along with Mastery and Endurance. Belts and Bracers do not have enhancement slots and thus are excluded. The point of this guide is to show what stats the default vendor gear has so you can plan ahead when min/maxing. To see the suggested optimal stats for your class, visit our class guides.

Sith Inquisitor, Jedi Consular, Imperial Agent, and Trooper offhands are all interchangeable within their classes, so get the best one for your class. All mainhands, earpieces, and implants are interchangeable within a given main class. As of 4.0, you could also use the same gear across different classes unless it has a set bonus, in which case you would want the gear with the correct set bonuses for the appropriate class.

Patch 4.0 best in slot DPS/Healer enhancements are +104 Endurance Mastery, +116 Power, +168 Alacrity/Accuracy/Crit. 4.0 best in slot Tank enhancements are +104 Endurance, +116 Defense, +168 Absorption/Shield. In 4.0, all operations gear has best in slot mods and enhancements, and there are earpieces/implants available for any of the tertiary stats you desire (so they are no longer included on this table).

Gear with Absorption is highlighted in silver, Accuracy is highlighted in yellow, Alacrity is highlighted in green, and Crit is highlighted in red.

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