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GSF Ship Builds

Learn about all the ships available in Galactic Starfighter and their best builds.

There are currently 34 different types of ships you can fly in Galactic Starfighter (17 on the Republic side, 17 on the Empire side). Both the Republic and Empire ships are identical, and all ships available through the Cartel Market are also identical to their regular counterparts, bringing the total number of unique ships down to only 12 "functionally unique" ships.

The table below shows you all of the GSF ships, which ones are identical, and the "Type" of ship (commonly abbreviated T1, T2, or T3 in ship build guides). For example, all Type 3 Scouts are identical, and can be abbreviated T3S. A Type 1 Bomber, such as the Razorwire, may be abbreviated T1B, while a Type 2 Strike Fighter, such as the FT-6 Pike, may be abbreviated T2F.

Currently, the game files also include an additional category of ship called "Infinltrators". It's currently unknown whether these will remain cut content or if they will one day make it into the game as some sort of "stealth" class ship.

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